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Aug 28
Great Lakes
Frequently Asked Questions about the Way of Shambhala

1) What are the prerequisites to take the courses and the Levels?

The Shambhala Levels are still sequential, (i.e, Level I, then Level II, then Level III etc.) The first two courses, Meditation in Everyday Life and Contentment in Everyday Life, do not have any prerequisites. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend these courses. For these first two courses, there is no required order of which course to attend first. The remaining courses are then sequential, Joy (Dignity of Lion), Dignity of Garuda, and then Dignity of Dragon. The Shambhala Training levels are also a prerequisite for these latter courses. One attends Level III before attending “Joy in Everyday Life”, Level IV prior to the Garuda Course and Level V prior to the Dragon Course. The Rigden Weekend is the culmination of the Way of Shambhala, and is when one will receive their Shambhala pin.

The courses are open to anyone who has completed the appropriate Shambhala Level. If people want to enter in late, this is possible before Levels IV and V. By Level IV the previous Levels and classes need to have been attended. You can speak with a meditation instructor to clarify what would work for you in order to continue to move forward.

2) How long and how many classes are there?
Shambhala Training Levels will be offered as a full weekend program or a Friday evening, all day Saturday and the following Tuesday evening option. Please refer to the calendar. The classes will be offered on five consecutive Tuesday evenings.

3) Do the Shambhala Training levels change?
No. The core teachings remains the same, however, in Burlington, the program schedule has changed (to weekend/part-weekend format). The experience of the teachings are now deepened within the format of the Tuesday evening classes.

4) What if I miss a level, class or both?
Our first suggestion is to try to catch the program you need to miss the second time around. That is why we are offering 4 first courses (Level I and Meditation in Everyday Life) and 2 second courses (Level II and Contentment in Everyday Life) within this year. If that is still not possible and you feel very strongly that you want to keep going this year and not wait until fall 2010, you may set up a tutorial with one of the directors or the assistant directors. Speak to the coordinator of the course or your meditation instructor.

5) Do I have to do these classes to continue on to Sacred Path?
If you are just beginning the Heart of Warriorship path this year, these classes are considered a pre-requisite for Sacred Path (soon the be incorporated into The Way of Shambhala II) and pre-seminary classes. The Way of Shambhala curriculum stands as a complete path in itself. Participants of last year and all previous years of Heart of Warriorship program are strongly encouraged to participate in the week night courses. They do not have to repeat the levels to do so.

From: Burlington News Magazine

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