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Nov 18

Karmê Chöling Seen and Heard

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A new video puts the spotlight on Karmê Chöling Meditation Retreat Center

If you have ever been to Karmê Chöling, this video will bring back all your memories. If you’ve never been there, it can give you a sense of what it’s like, and encourage you to visit. This retreat center, originally founded as Tail of the Tiger, was an early center for Shambhala Buddhism in the United States, and is famous for the beautiful shrine room personally designed by the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. If you feel inspired to experience the magic directly for yourself, click here to see the current calendar of events.

Karme Choling

Karme Choling

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Shambhala Lineage Festival: September 24-25th

The Shambhala Lineage Festival will be a worldwide event intended to celebrate our relationships with each other and to explore how, as Shambhalians, we can personally, communally, and globally take basic goodness as the guiding force in our lives.  It asks the question, with the world ... continue
Posted September 12, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

Money: Where does it go?

Have you ever wondered what your monthly dues or program fees actually pay for here at the Boston Shambhala Center? As we approach the Shambhala Lineage Festival we thought it was the perfect time to give a brief update about what it takes to run our ... continue
Posted September 6, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

A call for writings from young practitioners

Shambhala Publications, one of the world’s pre-eminent publishers of dharma books, is putting a call out for personal essays (or poems, screenplays, short stories) of up to 2,500 words (approximately 5-6 double-spaced pages) from Buddhist practitioners under the age of 35 on what it’s like to ... continue
Posted September 6, 2011 by

Housekeeping as Practice

  “People ask so many questions about how to take practices that you do on the cushion or at a program: how do you bring those practices into your life? Essentially what they’re asking about is how to integrate it into their household situation. If there’s a ... continue
Posted September 2, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

No Longer Shocked by Our Mind

When we relate with relative truth, we are no longer shocked by our mind. We begin to see the simplicity and the reality of things. When we sit on our cushions and practice, we come across all sorts of thought patterns and desires. Whether we are ... continue
Posted August 30, 2011 by
On Place: New York City Art Show

On Place: New York City Art Show

Long time Shambhala sangha member Karen Iglehart is having an art show in New York City from September 6th – 24th. Her work has been on display at Karme Choling in the teacher’s suite, foyer, and Director’s office since May. Her paintings will remain hanging there ... continue
Posted August 30, 2011 by

Community Meeting: Expansion process and potential Newbury space

Thank you to all of those who came out on a rainy night for our community meeting! For those of you who could not attend, I’m including the powerpoint presentation, a video of the space, and a brief account of it here. 338 Newbury Walk-Through Video Link After ... continue
Posted August 3, 2011 by Jill Blagsvedt

NEW: Shambhala Network

If you haven’t heard, the Shambhala Network is a new, brilliantly designed website where we can have group discussion, share resources and generally have an online community! To obtain a Shambhala account, Click Here. From: Wake up Boston! continue
Posted August 3, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

Volunteer Days: Rakes and Ladders

For the past two Saturdays the brave young Sangha of Under 30 have taken on the grounds of the Center! Our first day was spent cleaning up trash, weeding, pruning and mulching. The sun was fierce but the energy was strong! Many bags of yard waste ... continue
Posted July 21, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

Mindfully to Walden Pond

By Meghan Misset Recently our Under 30 group went on an epic bike trip to Walden Pond and back, which was a good 40 mile trek! I love that we gather together outside of the Shambhala center for exciting trips, local events, social gatherings, and the like. ... continue
Posted July 21, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

Very Human Irritations

Once we are tuned into the basic core of egohood, then anything—any experience, any inspiration—can be made into a further blockage or can become a way of freeing ourselves. Any tendency of mind, even the subtlest suggestion of a tendency, can be viewed with great precision—even ... continue
Posted July 15, 2011 by

The Power of Youth

The usual approach that we take toward spirituality is to look for some experience that might enable us to rediscover our adulthood rather than go back to our innocent childlike quality. We have been fooled into looking for a way to become completely grown-up and respectable, ... continue
Posted July 8, 2011 by
A Mandala Approach to City Center Expansion

A Mandala Approach to City Center Expansion – HIGHLIGHT

The Shambhala community of Boston has been diligently working to manifest the 2020 Vision of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and is committed to offering Shambhala to greater Boston. But what does that mean and why are we so committed to it? Here’s the story… Five or six years ... continue
Posted July 7, 2011 by Jill Blagsvedt

Dorje Kasung: Transforming Aggression into Gentleness

Rusung Brian McCorckle Perhaps you’ve had the experience of being at a program and seen official-looking people in blue blazers with pins, white shirts, khaki or grey slacks or skirts standing off to the side, or escorting the teacher.  Maybe you’re seen them driving teachers, or standing ... continue
Posted July 6, 2011 by Ashley_Hodson

Not Playing Ego’s Game

In the practice of meditation, you don’t have to imprison yourself. Instead, you could relate with an expansive situation. Meditation is not based on ego’s idea of “What am I getting out of this?” and “What should I be concentrating on?” As soon as there is ... continue
Posted July 1, 2011 by

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