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Jul 08
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Kimonos and Watercolors Galore at Konchok Art Auction
Lotus Offering in Bodh Gaya, by Tatjana Krizmanic

Lotus Offering in Bodh Gaya, by Tatjana Krizmanic

Brocade kimonos for $40. Are you kidding? Well, not for long. A dark blue and gold women’s kimono that started at $40 now hovers at $55, and soon may climb higher. Online art auctions are a fickle affair. One moment you have a bargain on your hands, the next, you’re in a bidding war. But all for a good cause!

The Konchok Foundation’s online summer art auction started on June 20th and lasts through July 18th. There are now just ten days left to bid on original paintings by Robert Spellman, tsatsas crafted by Joshua Mulder, photographs by Marv Ross, and pottery by Darryl Houghton. The star piece is “Lotus Offering in Bodh Gaya” by the well-known Boulder artist Tatjana Krizmanic with a starting bid of $1000.

Here’s a sampling of the rich array of items available for a donation to the shedra project at Surmang monastery…

All proceeds from the auction, and also from the donation gift items, will go to the rebuilding of the Surmang shedra. The shedra is needed more urgently than ever due to the recent tragic earthquake in Jyekundo. Many refugees from the earthquake will be in Surmang for the next several years, including children who could attend school in the shedra classrooms. The educational program at the monastery will be expanded to include the refugee children. Surmang continues as the seat of the Trungpa lineage; and the rebuilding of the shedra at Surmang has vital importance in maintaining the cultural and spiritual heritage of this region.

Due to the pressing need to complete the Surmang shedra, the proceeds from this auction and from the donation gifts will be dedicated to that purpose. Those who wish to instead make a cash donation to the earthquake relief fund or for other Konchok programs, please visit the Konchok Foundation donation page and follow the instructions there.

Visit the auction at the Konchok Foundation website: www.konchok.org.

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