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Oct 15
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Grand Opening: Breeze of Delight

Lama Pegyal, Gyurme Dorje, Lady Konchok, and Allya Canepa.

Breeze of Delight: Lama Pegyal, Gyurme Dorje, Lady Konchok, and Allya Canepa.

On the auspiscious day of Monday, September 20, Lady Konchok, the Sakyong’s mother, and her family, Lama Pegyal and Gyurme Dorje Lama, welcomed over 60 people to Marpa House. Lady Konchok cut the black ribbon of samsara to open a Tibetan butter lamp offering ceremony. All are invited to celebrate the opening of Breeze of Delight, their family business. Photos of this joyful gathering follow. Stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks about their new website (www.breezeofdelight.com).

About Breeze of Delight
Lady Konchok and her family wish to share the spiritual wealth of their traditional Tibetan Buddhist training, through mo divinations; rupa and treasure vase blessings; and kathas and butter (soy!) lamps. Lady Konchok’s wisdom is unadorned, deep, direct and not easily captured. With Breeze of Delight a portal has been created to share this wisdom for the good of all sentient beings, and to provide support for the genuine and humble Onchen family lineage to prosper. Lady Konchok’s aspiration is that all our lives will be enriched by these offerings.

In the West, we have only begun to fathom how the devotion of the Tibetan people created a rich fabric and fertile ground for enlightened family and business practices. In much the same way we seek out specialized doctors and specific prescriptions, Tibetans turn to different knowledge holders depending on their needs. Trained practitioners such as Lady Konchok, Lama Pegyal and Gyurme Dorje Lama, had they stayed in the East, would be known for miles around for their lineage-empowered guidance.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Photos by Marv Ross.

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1 response to “ Grand Opening: Breeze of Delight ”
  1. How wonderful – May the business and wisdom of the family flourish.

    I am looking forward to seeing the web site. I have shopped all over in Nepal and Lama Pegyal has always been able to find the best of items for practitioners. He also has the knowledge and skill to consecrate these precious objects in a way that will enable them to empower all of our households.

    Eh Ma Ho

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