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Oct 13
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Four more languages have Shambhala YouTube Channels

Shambhala in Russian web page

Following up on the tremendous multilingual efforts for the Shambhala Lineage Festival, there is more good news on the multilingual Shambhala front.
In the last two weeeks four more languages have Shambhala YouTube Channels launched. They are mostly still in a “beta” phase as we refine the text content and appearance.
They are:
Shambhala en Français (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShambhalaFra)
Shambhala auf Deutsch (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShambhalaAufDeutsch)
Šambala Ljubljana (in Slovene) (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShambhalaLJ)
Шамбала по-русски (Shambhala in Russian) (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShambhalaRus)
This is thanks to the very generous efforts of about ten translators.
We are also now working on a Shambhala in Chinese YouTube site which will be launched soon.

These join the four others that have been up for a few months:
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche en español (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMRShambhalaEsp)
Shambhala em português (http://www.youtube.com/user/shambhalaport)
Szambala polska (Shambhala in Polish) (http://www.youtube.com/user/szambalapolska)
Shambhala Greece, Σαμπάλα Ελλάδα (http://www.youtube.com/ShambhalaGr)

and of course the two English ones for the Vidyadhara and the Sakyong:
The Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche -Official Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/TrungpaRinpoche)
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche -Official YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/officialsakyong)

When you go to one of these sites the default caption (subtitles) language will be determined by the language you have your YouTube account or computer set to.

I have put a bit about how to see the captions, transcripts, and to embed videos from YouTube below.

Please pass the word on to other Shambhalians and encourage them to share this with whoever might be interested. Anyone can also embed, or link to, these videos on their web pages, blogs, etc. That obviously makes them available to an even wider audience. It also increases a video’s ranking in searches of YouTube and the Web, so they become easier to find or just be stumbled upon.

There are three others ways you can help more people to find these videos. Perhaps we can even make Basic Goodness “go viral”, in a Shambhalian sort of way. So if it makes sense for you I encourage you to:
1). Subscribe to these channels, This helps with “rankings” and you will be notified when a new video is uploaded.
2). Make Comments on a video or the channel. This help to improve its ranking in Web and YouTube searches, so they become more likely to be found.
3). Like / Favorite / Share. These will improve the videos’ ranking in the algorithm. ‘Likes’ and ‘favorites’ increase a video’s ranking in searches and gets it broadcast out to the viewer’s YouTube friends, which draws new viewers to the video. Sharing a video on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter broadcast the video to all your friends, so that may or may not be appropriate for you.
This is a somewhat delicate area. I feel it is important that whatever we do is in line with suitable Shambhala decorum and is not pushy. So some of the usually recommended “marketing” tools for YouTube may not be appropriate in this context.

Getting to the point of being able to launch these channels has involved a lot of work behind the scenes by many translators for over a year now. The translations have been steadily appearing on the Vidyadhara’s and Sakyong’s YouTube channels all that time, but for the last few months we have also started to create these YouTube channels for specific languages. So people can find the titles of the videos when searching YouTube and the Web in their own language. They also find biographies, links to text, and perhaps links to audio and other video teachings, all in their language. There are also links to Shambhala Centers and Groups that use that language.

Shambhala en Français has been possible thanks mostly to the amazing translating work on the videos by Alexandra Kalinine, in Paris. Also the translating of videos by Pascal Machado, Danielle Blouin, and Suzanne Schecter Côté in Canada, and Rohini Schiff-Bhagwat in France.
Shambhala auf Deutsch is thanks to the great translating work on the videos by Konstanze Brockstedt, Maria Bolda, Tobias Kroll, Franz Lüke, and Irena Andersen.
Šambala Ljubljana (in Slovene) is due to the efforts of a group of translators in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, led by Alenka Bajec Strle, who also set up the YouTube channel.
Шамбала по-русски (Shambhala in Russian) is thanks to the great work of Aleksey Mikhanchuk in Kiev, who translated most of the videos, Victor Piatnitski translated some as well, and Vlad Zhurba who did the Ukrainian translation of Як медитувати.
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche en español . Luz Rodrigues did all the translating for this one. She did almost all the videos on the Sakyong’s English channel, so it seemed a Spanish version of that would be a good way to go. Sergio Gomez did the Latin American Spanish translation of Learning to Meditate.
Shambhala em português. The translation was done by the team in Sao Paulo led by Alicia Negri and includes Oddone Marsiaj (who has just finished the translation of the book “Truth of Suffering”), Carlos A. Inada (also does Dharma/Art http://blog.dharma.art.br), Lely Abud, Helena Hungria, Walter Morita, and Maristela Leal Casati. Valéria Pasta translate the video titles and some of the text on the channel.
Szambala polska (Shambhala in Polish) is thanks to Jaroslaw Paslawski who did all the translation and set up the channel.
Shambhala Greece, Σαμπάλα Ελλάδα is thanks to Tatiana Papas who set up the channel. Thanks also to her and Olga Papalexandrou for translating the videos.

There are also translations in several other languages that don’t have their own channels yet. These are all on videos on the Sakyong’s channels as well as the other channels that have those videos:
10 Chinese by Yeachin Tsai and also Chien Ni and other members of the Taipei sangha
2 Czech by Alice Buehler,
2 Arabic by Arthur Zarate
2 Italian, one by Brian Hilliard and Antonella Macconi, and one by Paola Pavese.
2 Swedish by Anonymous
1 Korean by Simba, Eun Hye Shim
1 Persian Farsi, (prefers to remain anonymous)
1 Danish by Seweryn Julien

I would also like to thank Emily Sell, of Shambhala Media, and David Brown, Office of the Kalapa Court, for their support and encouragement of this work.

We will no doubt keep getting more videos and translations, and channels in new languages. Stay tuned as this progresses. If there are other any native speakers of these, or other, languages who are interested in helping with this effort please let me know at [email protected]

Good luck with this.
Hamish Maclaren

See different language captions

To see the different language options and/or change the language of the Closed Captions (subtitles) hover mouse over (move the mouse over) the red CC icon below the video to the right (or first click the grey CC icon to make it red). You then see the list of the available languages, click the one you want. You might need to scroll up or down if there are many languages. There is a, hard to see, transparent red colored scroll bar on the upper right.
If no CC icon is visible, click the on the grey rectangular icon with a white triangle, beneath the video towards the right. You will then see a grey CC icon. Click on that and it will then be red.

Seeing (and/or coping) a Transcripts
Beneath the video box, on the left there is a row of icons, the last to right, left of the “views” number, there is a small Interactive Transcript icon (somewhat like a page with lines). Click the icon to open a pane. As you watch the video, the transcript will scroll and highlight the current text that the video is at. This does not work on the “Featured video” on YouTube Channels’ main page.
As far as I can see at the moment this does not seem to work with Explorer 9.

Embedding Videos From YouTube
To get the embed code for embedding a YouTube video on your web page, you click on Share beneath the video. Then click on Embed (on the left). That gives you the short code and you can choose if you want it to appear larger with options a bit below that.
If you use the short code I suspect the default caption language we be the one of your web page. However if you check Use old embed code [?] you will get a code that insures the caption language will be the one you have YouTube set as you do that. But that old code will only work with FLASH players, so it won’t work with some mobile devices like IPads and most smart phones.
Good luck again.

The French Translators:

Alexandra Kalinine (Paris)

Pascal Machado (Ottawa, Canada)

Danielle Blouin (Halifax, Canada)

Suzanne Schecter Côté (Ottawa, Canada)

Rohini Schiff (Corte, Corsica)

Three of the German translators:

Konstanze Brockstedt (Dechen Chöling, France)

Maria Bolda (Hamburg, Germany)

Franz Lüke (Marburg, Germany)

The two Russian and one Ukrainian translators

Victor Piatnitski (Kiev, Ukraine)

Aleksey Mikhanchuk (Kiev, Ukraine)

Vladyslav Zhurba (Kiev, Ukraine)

Other language translators

Alenka-Bajec (Ljubljana-Slovenia)

Tatiana-Papas (Athens, Greece)

Olga Papalexandrou (Athens, Greece)

Luz Rodriguez (Cadanes Pilona, Spain)

Sergio Gomez (Santiago, Chile)

Jarek Paslawski (Szczecin, Poland)

Alicia Negri (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Oddone Marsiaj (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Valéria Pasta (Denver and Sao Paulo)

Yeachin Tsai (Albany, NewYork. Chinese translator)

Chien Ni (Taipei, Taiwan)

Antonella Macconi (Casa Garuda, Italy)

Simba, Eun Hye Shim (Boulder, Colorado. Korean translator)

Seweryn Julien (Szczecin, Danish)

Alice Buehler (Prague, The Czech Republic)

Leal Abbott (Woodland, California. Proofreader extraordinaire)

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