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Surmang Dances

Surmang Dances – HIGHLIGHT

by Lyndon Comstock photos by Surmang Khenpo Meditational dances are a traditional part of the annual cycle of practices at Surmang monastery in Tibet, the home monastery of the Trungpa lineage. The Tibetan vajrayana tradition includes many intricate practices, all geared towards helping the practitioner clarify their mind ... continue
Posted November 30, 2012 by
Making the Invisible Visible

Making the Invisible Visible – HIGHLIGHT

Shambhala Times is delighted to announce a new blog: Making the Invisible Visible “I am not one of the youngest people in Shambhala, and so, for me, this blog is a bit of a marvel!” exclaimed the new blogger, Shambhala International’s Executive Director Carolyn Mandelker. Carolyn has named her new ... continue
Posted November 28, 2012 by
Rites of Passage: Longing

Rites of Passage: Longing

Grand Tetons by David BrownLonging poem written by the group that went through the first Rites of Passage for the stages of life, held at Karme Choling, autumn 2012 Broken hearted kiss Embracing the planet It’s good to grow old Soft green blade of grass Drops of dew Tomorrow there will be frost Grieving ... continue
Posted November 26, 2012 by
Historic Rites of Passage

Historic Rites of Passage – HIGHLIGHT

COLUMN: Aging in Shambhala Awakening to the Stages of Life Recent Program Held at Karme Choling by Andrea Sherman, PhD A group of warriors aged 40-65 years old gathered in Vermont to acknowledge and celebrate the first Rites of Passage for the stages of life. Celebrating 20 and 10 year ... continue
Posted November 26, 2012 by
Funding Cut to Canada's Prison Chaplains

Funding Cut to Canada’s Prison Chaplains – HIGHLIGHT

Shastri Veit Weber, a Shambhala Buddhist representative in the non-Christian prison chaplaincy in Canada was recently affected by a sweeping government budget cut. In an article on Touch Base, a magazine for Canadians, he says, “I am not a lawyer, but it looks to me that ... continue
Posted November 23, 2012 by
Shambhala Community Celebrates Sakyong’s Birthday

Shambhala Community Celebrates Sakyong’s Birthday – HIGHLIGHT

the Sakyong performs long life practice,by Mark Whaley As the worldwide Shambhala community celebrated the Sakyong’s birthday last week, the Sakyong Wangmo requested that a Tenshuk ceremony be performed for his long life and well-being. The traditional Tenshuk consists of offering a mandala as well as representations ... continue
Posted November 22, 2012 by
It Was Never About Us

It Was Never About Us – HIGHLIGHT

lobster releaseCollege Students study Meditation and Buddhism and make a Visit to Gampo Abbey by Stacey Mitchell, Finance Manager, Gampo Abbey photos by Heather Schmidt It’s Saturday morning at Gampo Abbey and something different is happening. Instead of the daily morning ritual of oatmeal and plain yogurt being prepared ... continue
Posted November 21, 2012 by
Fundraising with Beginner's Mind

Fundraising with Beginner’s Mind – HIGHLIGHT

Current Centerby Marcelle Gilkerson The Shambhala Meditation Center of Columbus is a small center. For the last ten years, our home has been a cozy-but-beautiful rental suite on the second floor of an office building. With less than 1,000 square feet of space overall, our shrine room ... continue
Posted November 19, 2012 by
Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer – HIGHLIGHT

Introducing a new series of photographs called Sky Dancer photos by Dana Marshall, Bussum, Netherlands The power of the female body is that it is the link between heaven and earth. Sky Dancer touches on embodied feminine energy. These images are a proclamation of strength and playfulness. They are ... continue
Posted November 18, 2012 by
Every Storm Passes

Every Storm Passes

Hurricane, or “superstorm” Sandy left millions without power, and brought death and destruction to the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast. Many thousands are without homes to go back to. In response to many questions about our centers and friends in the areas affected by hurricane Sandy, ... continue
Posted November 17, 2012 by
Sacred Space

Sacred Space – HIGHLIGHT

cooking fish in the Karme Choling tilt skilletKitchen Wisdom by Lisa Harris Kitchens are interesting places. They are where we begin and end our days. They are often the focal point of the household for eating, socializing, homework, and consolation. We tap into the refrigerator and pantry for ... continue
Posted November 16, 2012 by
What IS Culture and Decorum?

What IS Culture and Decorum? – HIGHLIGHT

Just what exactly IS Shambhala Culture and Decorum? by Amanda Hester, Adjutant to the Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum For many in Shambhala ‘culture and decorum’ are words vaguely associated with any number of forms and events, with fussy women or elegant ladies. These words and their ... continue
Posted November 14, 2012 by
Mukpo & Friedman Rock Toronto

Mukpo & Friedman Rock Toronto – HIGHLIGHT

An insider’s look at Creating Court in Everyday Life, Recently held at the Toronto Shambhala Center by Margaret Scott photos by Glenn Austin August, 1985, Rocky Mountain Dharma Center…we’re into the Vajrayana portion of a three-month seminary. The Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Lady Diana Mukpo are sitting on chairs ... continue
Posted November 12, 2012 by
Snapshots of Basic Goodness: November

Snapshots of Basic Goodness: November – HIGHLIGHT

This monthly post features snapshots of basic goodness as seen out in the world, on the street, in the countryside, in another country, at work, home, garden or grocery store. (Click on each image to view larger.) #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: ... continue
Posted November 11, 2012 by
Sandy Relief and Recovery

Sandy Relief and Recovery – HIGHLIGHT

trees down in NYC by Erich StromHow You Can Help The Shambhala Meditation Center of New York is organizing a day of service to assist Hurricane Sandy victims today, Saturday, November 10. While many of us cannot go to NY to help out, we can provide supplies ... continue
Posted November 10, 2012 by

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