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Dec 10
Shambhala News Service
International Shambhala Programs 2013

photo by Charles Blackhall

Announcing the 2013 International Shambhala Program Calendar

The Office of Practice and Education is pleased to announce the following international Shambhala programs for the year 2013.

Please read through to the bottom of this announcement for other important program-related information that may be relevant to you, including key path changes.

Three Pillar Leadership Trainings with the Sakyong

Karme Choling: May 16 – 19
Shambhala Mountain Center: June 6 – 9

Kurukulla Teachings and Abhisheka with the Sakyong

Halifax: July 31 – August 3
Dechen Choling: August 23 – 26

More information on Kurukulla can be found online, please click here to view.

Shambhala Public Teachings with the Sakyong

Dates and city center locations to be announced soon. Please stay tuned!

Enlightened Society Assembly
(preparation change, see “Path Changes” below)

Chile: February 14 – March 1
Karme Choling: February 15 – March 2
Shambhala Mountain Center: July 6 – 21
Dechen Choling: July 7 – 21

For more information on ESA and to apply, please click here.

Warrior Assembly
(preparation change, see “Path Changes” below)

Shambhala Mountain Center: July 26 – August 6
Karme Choling: August 20 – 31

For more information on Warrior Assembly and to apply, please click here.

Scorpion Seal Assembly

Shambhala Mountain Center: Scorpion Seal 3-4-5 Garchen, June 12 – 23
Karme Choling: Scorpion Seal 2-3 Garchen, July 6 – 17
Dorje Denma Ling: Scorpion Seal 4-5 Garchen, August 4 – 15
Dechen Choling: Scorpion Seal 5, August 27 – September 7; Scorpion Seal 1 is still not confirmed, but may be scheduled after the DCL SSA 5.

For more information on Scorpion Seal Assemblies, please click here.

Why is there no Rigden Abhisheka or Sacred World Assembly in 2013?

Many of you have been inquiring as to why there will be no Sacred World Assembly, nor Rigden Abhisheka in 2013. This is due to constraints on the Sakyong’s schedule.

Application Process

The following programs in 2013 require that you apply and get accepted through the Office of Practice and Education before registering with the Land Center:

Enlightened Society Assembly
Warrior Assembly
Scorpion Seal Assembly One (if it is confirmed)

You can apply here: https://apas.shambhala.info

Staffing Opportunities

We deeply appreciate your interest in staffing! The success of these programs depends greatly on the volunteer efforts of the program staff. Staff applications links for the following programs will be made available next week:

Enlightened Society Assembly
Warrior Assembly
Scorpion Seal Assembly (2-3-4-5)
Kurukulla Abhisheka

The staff application links will also be posted on the Practice and Education site, as well as on the Land Center site specific to the program you wish to staff. Please stay tuned, and consider staffing a program this summer!

Key Path Changes:

As we work to find the right balance between depth and breadth on the Shambhala path, and given that our time is increasingly limited as householders living in the world, some changes are being introduced to the order of core path programs this coming year and the required preparation for each of them.

We want our path to have integrity, authenticity, and the right amount of rigor. At the same time, we want to make these teachings accessible to many people.

Starting this year the following changes are being introduced:

Enlightened Society Assembly will be the first program to follow the Way of Shambhala courses, levels and Rigden weekend.

Warrior Assembly is the culmination of the Shambhala Sacred Path series, and follows Enlightened Society Assembly.

One weekthun is required before attending Enlightened Society Assembly; another is required before attending Warrior Assembly.

For more details about the programs and the required preparation go the the Advanced program page online here.

This document is also posted online. Please click here to read it.

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