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Mar 18
Sakyong and Family
Welcome Home, Jetsun Yudra

David Brown and Dinah Brown

David Brown and Dinah Brown

article and photos by Terry Rudderham

The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo invited the Halifax Shambhala leadership to welcome them and their new daughter, Jetsun Yudra, home to Kalapa Potrang, the Halifax Kalapa Court. It was an outdoor event and we were promised only a brief glimpse of Jetsun Yudra. I was delighted to attend this joyous greeting.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and a light dusting of snow had fallen overnight. The air was crisp and clean and the snow was brilliant white in the sunshine. It felt pristine and pure and just perfect for a princess to come home.

Tiger Lion Garuda Dragon

Tiger Lion Garuda Dragon

I was dropped off at the top of the driveway and was greeted by kasung, Mary and Joe Pratt. As I approached the Court I could see new prayers flags flying and people gathering. Wayne McGill kept billowing clouds of white smoke flowing through the air. More and more people arrived and exchanged greetings, hugs and smiles.

It was almost time for the family to arrive when it was announced that they would take a few moments to greet us outdoors and then proceed to their shrine room to make offerings and then to their private quarters. We would be invited in for tea and sweets and once his family was settled the Sakyong would join us for a short while. E Ma Ho! How wonderful!

Shortly after the announcement the Sakyong, Sakyong Wangmo, Jetsun Drukmo, Jetsun Yudra and other family members arrived and were greeted with waving khatas and smiling faces. We were simply overjoyed to see them!

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

The Sakyong and Jetsun Drukmo got out of their car and waited on the step for the Sakyong Wangmo and Jetsun Yudra who joined them moments later. They stopped there for several minutes to greet everyone and introduce us to Jetsun Yudra. They radiated basic goodness and joy.

Once they went inside we followed and went into the great room where we were served hot tea and sweets; the perfect offering after being outside on a cold day. After a short while, the Sakyong joined us for tea and shared some stories from the last few days. My favorite was about Kerstin Martin, the midwife, and how skillfully she took command when everyone was wondering if it was time to go to the hospital. The Sakyong was clearly delighted as he described how Kerstin walked into the room and said “Your going NOW. Right now! Go!” How fortunate as Jetsun Yudra arrived very quickly once they got there.

As we left the Court a small group of us stopped outside to sing the Shambhala Anthem. As we sang we looked up to see the Sakyong watching us from a second floor window. The Sakyong Wangmo joined him and they watched and waved to us as we sang. It was a special moment during a very special day.

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3 responses to “ Welcome Home, Jetsun Yudra ”
  1. Kristine McCutcheon
    Mar 18, 2013

    Thanks for pictures and words. It is so nice to be able to participate this way. Ki Ki So So – welcome Jetsun Yudra.

  2. Terry Rudderham
    Mar 18, 2013

    Thanks for your kind words Petra. I am happy that you enjoyed the story.

  3. Petra Mudie
    Mar 18, 2013

    Terry – Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of this delightful event in both words and pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words – but don’t capture some of the sweetest moments, like Kerstin ordering the Royal Family to the hospital!!,

    Cheerful birthday Jetsun Yudra
    Ki ki, so, so

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