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Apr 09
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“The Birth of Society” To Reach All in Shambhala

photo by Charles Blackhall

photo by Charles Blackhall

Today, the Sakyong’s message to our community, titled The Birth of Society, will arrive in the inbox of every Shambhala member. His seven-page letter describes his forthcoming book, The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure, and its significance for our community.

“Like many of you,” he writes, “I have questioned and doubted the themes of basic goodness and enlightened society. This new book invites the reader to share a journey of reflecting on these core principles. This journey leads beyond personal transformation, to a place where we see how basic goodness is a socially viable principle that could stabilize and transform our world.”

The Sakyong has requested that all members of our mandala hear and read The Birth of Society carefully and take its message to heart prior to the publication of The Shambhala Principle on May 7th. Becoming familiar with the The Birth of Society will help us to understand more deeply the topics of basic goodness and enlightened society so that this profound knowledge may shared directly with others.

“The Shambhala Principle presents the dialogue I had with my father regarding how basic goodness relates to society, economics, and politics, as well as health and the environment. I hope this book provides an opportunity for Shambhalians to determine how we can bring the influence of basic goodness to every facet of our lives,” the Sakyong writes.

The text of The Birth of Society first started being communicated orally following Shambhala Day, and readings are taking place at Shambhala Centers throughout the mandala. Since it will not be possible for everyone to attend a gathering at their center, the Sakyong asked Mr. Mark Whaley to read the text in English and provide it in downloadable form so that anyone wishing to do so may hear it. If you would prefer to hear the reading, please click here.

The Shambhala PrincipleIf you would like to read the text, you can do so here. Shambhala Europe is coordinating translations in several languages and has provided these as downloadable documents; please click here to access them.

To order your copy of The Shambhala Principle, please click here.

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3 responses to “ “The Birth of Society” To Reach All in Shambhala ”
  1. Sarah Lipton
    Apr 21, 2013

    Thanks for letting me, know – we’ve updated the link!

  2. Both of the links to the Shambhala principle text are dead, i.e. they don’t open in Google Drive.

  3. Sonja Wells
    Apr 10, 2013

    What about making the kindle/nook version of this available to all public libraries? I have heard that Nook is donating several of their e-readers to libraries nationwide (they can’t sell them anymore with all the tablets and smart phones on the market…)

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