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Jul 01
Pacific Northwest
The Harlem Shake in Shambhala (in Portland, that is)

As part of the 2013 Spring Arts Festival, the Shambhala Meditation Center community of Portland, OR has created their addition to the current “Harlem Shake” phenomenon.

From: Portland News Magazine

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4 responses to “ The Harlem Shake in Shambhala (in Portland, that is) ”
  1. Shambhala Art is the way I become a Shambhala practioner. Intrigued by the notion of meditation enriching the creative process, I took the original Five Part program and it changed my life — as a novelist as well as a human being. Shambhala Art was a fascinating experience full of personal as well as group surprises, and Steve Saitzyk is a committed and talented teacher. Whether this is your introduction to Shambhala or something you’ve been meaning to do “on the path,” I recommend it highly. It will refresh your view.

  2. Franny Smith
    Mar 13, 2009

    I’ve been through the Shambhala Training, and to some of the retreats. I always come away charged creatively. If you haven’t done the Training, you don’t have to be an “artist”, and your vision of your world will be changed for life. Marvelous program.

  3. The dharma art teachings, which include the Shambhala Art weekends above,and the Maitri Space Awareness and Mudra Space Awareness programs, are finally an integral part of Seminary. At the recent Sutrayana Seminary at Karme-choling we did a simple dharma art exercise before and after each of the 21 talks so that people could experience the content of the talk. It was an extraordinary way to drive the teachings home and could only happen because of the vast cradle of loving kindness that was the container created by the staff and 64 participants. We also read most of True Perception:the Path of Dharma Art, in addition to Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior, Ruling Your World, and the Two Truths (by KTGR). These teachings have come full cirlce now beginning with the Vidyadhara’s 1973 seminar talk on Art In Everyday Life. Thanks to Mr. Saitzyk and other sangha artists who have kept these teachings alive.

  4. Great videos of this event. I especially liked the improv and the restaurant arrangements.

    Thanks for sharing, Jody

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