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Jun 11
Shambhala News Service
Passing of Shamar Rinpoche

Shamar RinpocheShamar Rinpoche passed away this morning in Germany due to a sudden heart attack. Shamar Rinpoche, Mipham Chokyi Lodro, was born in Derge, Tibet in 1952. At age four he was recognized by his uncle the 16th Karmapa as the 14th Shamarpa. He remained with the 16th Karmapa, from whom he received the entire cycle of Kagyu teachings, until the Karmapa’s death in 1981. His last communication with the Shambhala community, in 2006, was to share his pleasure that the Sakyong was continuing to fulfill the wishes of the Vidyadhara and creating Shambhala.

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8 responses to “ Passing of Shamar Rinpoche ”
  1. Steve Hirsch
    Jun 16, 2014

    He was a very special teacher for me. I was blessed to be in his presence at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center in the early 80s for the Red Hat Ceremony. May he be reincarnated quickly for the benefit of all sentient beings!

  2. Karma Sempa
    Jun 16, 2014

    Tricycle also has some nice remembrances written by Pamela Gayle White.


  3. Karma Sempa
    Jun 12, 2014

    There’s a moving eulogy for Shamar Rinpoche on this blog as well: http://purelysubjective.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/absencepresenceconfidencetears/

  4. I agree with Greg. As I remember, there were disputes. Oh, well. That’s politics! May Basic Goodness stay present.

  5. འཆི་མེད་སྒྲོམ (Ashley)
    Jun 12, 2014

    “A Teaching Without Words”
    (a story featuring Shamar Rinpoche by Lama Lodru Rinpoche, resident Lama of KDK in San Francisco)


  6. It is quite a shock. Shamar Rinpoche gave me the strongest blessings I ever received. I pray for his swift return. Om Ami Dewa Hri!

  7. It is interesting that the Tibetan Buddhist world can acknowledge the existence of political disputes only when it is absolutely unavoidable, and then only in the most terse, cryptic terms. Isn’t it?

  8. Very Sad news. It’s unfortunate that I never get his blessing in this lifetime. Always thought that there is time, finally impermanent struck so hard that I repent badly my decision.
    Can’t express the sadness of losing a GREAT Teacher. May H. Holiness be born soon to lead degenerate beings like us. OM AMI DEWA HRI!

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