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Nov 15
Sakyong and Family
Good Morning, Destiny

Mukpo FamilyThe Shambhala Times is delighted to wish a Cheerful Birthday to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche today!

Shambhalians are warmly invited to include a celebratory lhasang in their daily practice, using the lhasang chant below. Shambhala centers that would like to incorporate a celebratory lhasang into an appropriate community event during the next week or so, in conjunction with the Sakyong’s birthday, are welcome.

In honor of the Sakyong’s birthday, the Kalapa Court is delighted to share this poem, written by the Sakyong in 2000.

Good Morning, Destiny

The sun danced as I slid my hand
Across the illusion of life,
Washing this blessed face, this body,
Immortal memories of childhood,
Reflections of mother and father.
Gliding across my face,
The water drips, collecting on my nose.
I cup my hand to catch this precious liquid.

The sun strikes my gaze.
I can still see my mother, my father.
I shake my head and wonder,
What has happened to me?
Who have I become?
Why do I feel the need to cleanse?

My childhood, my mistakes, my whole life
Is reflected in this clear water.
I let it caress my sun-drenched skin,
Hoping it will soothe my heart.
My mind and heart reflect each other.
I cannot shake the memories.

Who am I?
What have I become?
What is this elixir,
This moisture,
This rock, this cactus,
This leaf of life,
This dance, this dream?
Why am I deprived?
Why am I a lucky star,
A silver in the boot?

All this simmers behind my eyelids as I wash my face.
A thousand times I have washed this face,
A thousand times I have looked through these eyes
And felt with this heart, good morning.
Good morning, me.
Good morning, life.
Good morning, destiny.

20 February 2000
Halifax, Nova Scotia

From Snow Lion’s Delight. To view this & other poetry offerings by the Sakyong, please click here.

To include a lhasang in your daily or center practice, arrange a lhasang and chant:

The virtuous mark, the great banner of inspiring windhorse,
And these clouds of offerings of all desirable things
We offer to you, great being Gesar with your retinue.
Fulfill all our wishes; be victorious in all directions.

(Copyright Nalanda Translation Committee. All rights reserved.)

Circle the lhasang smoke while chanting:


And, just because Karme Choling was on top of it, we are delighted to share this cheerful message to the Sakyong!

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4 responses to “ Good Morning, Destiny ”
  1. Happy Birthday! And with great appreciation for spreading the seeds of enlightenment to so many with such courage, openness, clarity, loving kindness and wisdom!

  2. Cheerful Birthday Dearest Rinpoche! We are celebrating in New York today. Much Much Love, Long Life and Joy!

  3. Joseph Fiala
    Nov 17, 2014

    May blessings rain today and years to come. Cheerful birthday!

    Nov 15, 2014

    dearest sakyong
    may you see the moon in your heart this wonderful day, and always.
    it is a honor to call myself a shambhalian, as it is to be able to wish you, Honorable Sakyong, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. may you live long and work with a sense of peace, and love in your heart.
    much love and gratitude.

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