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Feb 18
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Farewell, Wood Horse

photo credit: clicheshots via photopin cc

photo credit: clicheshots via photopin cc

Shambhala Times Updates from the Inside Out
Editor’s Column

by Sarah Lipton
Shambhala Times Editor-in-Chief

It’s been a woody, wild, productive year. A big, powerful, busy year full of fresh energy. You’ll see more about that in the Shambhala Day Year in Review video on Monday on the Shambhala Times. But you won’t see information about the Shambhala Times behind-the-scenes there….

So join me as I re-cap the year of the Wood Horse on the Shambhala Times. It is going to require many, many Thank Yous.

Did you know there are now about 20 regular volunteers around the world working behind the scenes to bring you the content on the Shambhala Times? No longer is it just me working by myself in a small farmhouse in the middle of the woods! No siree! Not only is there a Shambhala Times Intern but there is a department of volunteer editors, and a whole host of Column Editors working hard to bring you regular, reliable, excellent content. There is a network of collaboration woven across our large mandala. There are photographers who let us use their photos… There are also all of the volunteers who help out with reporting at live events…a countless multitude! And then there are you – the readers! This has become a mandala-wide effort, fulfilling the vision of the Sakyong that we extend our expression of basic goodness out into the wider world, thereby creating enlightened society.

By department, then, I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you who have made it possible to regularly unroll excellent content on the Shambhala Times…

– Shambhala Times Interns –

photo by Sarah Lipton

photo by Sarah Lipton

Starting in the autumn of 2013, the Shambhala Times began engaging volunteers in the important role of Intern. Often, these have been students at Naropa University looking for editorial, website experience, and the support that they offer through their volunteer time of 5 – 8 hours a week has become an invaluable resource for the Shambhala Times.

Emma Cataford, currently of Gampo Abbey, saw the Shambhala Times through a transitional time last summer. Her willingness to be available at odd hours for article editing, column development, and a huge overhaul of the Shambhala Times Social Media-sphere were invaluable at a time when things were in transition last summer. Emma also helped organize and format the process for cultivating and supporting international reporting teams for large public events with the Sakyong. Thank you, Emma!

Chris Schuman, of Boulder, CO, took up the reins where Emma left off and has served now for six months supporting the behind-the-scenes activities of the Times through his work on the pending articles that stream in from around the mandala, cultivating our Social Media-sphere, and supporting the Editor-in-Chief with article work as well. Thank you, Chris!

– Shambhala Times Volunteer Editors –

photo by Sarah Lipton

photo by Sarah Lipton

The depth of gratitude I have for these volunteer editors cannot be adequately expressed. They are all on tap to help support the Shambhala Times with planned projects, last-minute requests, and a wide variation of editorial activity. Many of your articles have been worked on, handled, massaged and created by these super generous folks…

Jayne Sutton, of Washington, DC, has continued in her role as rock-star editor, interviewer, and article crafter extraordinaire. Thank you for your continued generosity, Jayne!

Ani Dawa Chotso, of Barnet, VT, continues to offer editorial support where possible. Thank you for the support and good cheer, Ani Dawa!

Mona Barbera, of Boston, MA, has offered editorial support on occasion. Thank you, Mona!

Amanda Hester, of Halifax, NS, continues to offer editorial and column support, article submissions and excellent cheer to the Shambhala Times. Thank you, Amanda!

James “JR” Gilness, of Naropa University, has been a crucial support for the transcribing, editing and crafting of numerous interview articles since the autumn. Thank you for your continued support, JR!

Emma Sartwell, of Naropa University, generously offered to step in and offer transcription, editing and article crafting support in the autumn semester. Thank you for your great efforts, Emma!

– Shambhala Times Columns –

photo by Sarah Lipton

photo by Sarah Lipton

A few years ago, when I took on this job, it occurred to me that we should have some regular columns to track and share content on a few specific themes. At the beginning, there were just a few that I was collating myself, and today – there are 15 regular columns. FIFTEEN! Some are regular monthly offerings, some every other month, and some only appear when there is a story of interest. There are about 18 volunteers involved in dreaming up, soliciting, writing, editing, harvesting, collating and sharing content exclusively for the Shambhala Times. And there are a few columns looking for new hosts (see list below, and if YOU are inspired – let us know!). Sky’s the limit, folks, since basic goodness and enlightened society span all possible stories.

Aging in Enlightened Society, which chronicles stories and news about the resources and experiences of elders in our community, has just said farewell to the original column hosts Andrea Sherman, of New York City and David Whitehorn, of Halifax. Thanks to the two of you for your diligent, thoughtful, thorough work bringing an article every month to the Times! And a hearty welcome to the two new Chairs of the Working Group on Aging: Ann Cason, of Portland, OR and Camille Yarbrough, of Denver, CO, who have generously stepped into the role of Column Hosts. We look forward to the richness you will bring!

Poetry Space has become quite the active repository of poetry and haiku from our world-wide mandala. A huge thank you to Jeff Fink, of Park City, UT for continuing to lead a merry band of editorial volunteers on curating this valuable column. Stay tuned for the winner of the Shambhala Day Poetry Contest as well as some other goodies coming from this column in the coming months!

Shambhala on the Move is a series offering resources and stories about centers and groups moving and renovating their spaces. The column works in tandem with Shambhala Environments through the support of Steven Vosper. Last summer saw a transition from Candlin Dobbs who started the column and brought excellent organization to it to Maya Rook, of New York City, who stepped in to carry the torch. Thank you Candlin for your wonderful support! Welcome, Maya!!

Kitchen Wisdom brings you stories from the ground about all topics related to food, cooking, farming, kitchens and the social implications of food resources and how we work with them. Continued thanks to Lisa Harris, of Milwaukee, WI and Judy Sachs-Sullivan, of Boulder, CO for keeping this lively column “cooking”!

Radical Compassion is one of the newest columns on the Shambhala Times. Birthed through the collaboration of the Shambhala Times, Naropa University and Cameron Wenaus of Retreat.Guru (likely known to you from Blue Mandala, the IT group that built the original Shambhala websites), Radical Compassion came together to pursue interviews with teachers and leading thinkers about the wide array of topics surrounding how we engage with compassion out in the world. Through a series of interviews with the Shambhala Times and Retreat.Guru, a diverse array of articles and video content was born. This column has made history for the Shambhala Times as it is the first time we have collaborated with organizations and teachers beyond the borders of the Shambhala mandala. We only envision the collaboration to continue, so stay tuned!

Dispatches from the Kalapa Court Kitchen features stories and daily recipes that have been prepared and served in the Kalapa Court by the Machen Corps. Huge thanks to Machen Michael Weiss, of Austin, TX and Anthony Miller, of Boston, MA for curating this column. The Sakyong has encouraged the Machen Corps to share these recipes so that Shambhalians everywhere may get together, cook, celebrate, and enjoy these offerings from the Kalapa court.

Dispatches from the Front Lines is the newest column on the Shambhala Times. Started by Shastri Jennifer Woodhull of Cape Town, South Africa, Dispatches is designed to support the many Shambhalians currently experiencing upheaval at their centers and groups. It is specifically intended to penetrate the sense of isolation common to these painful situations, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences that arise in bringing our conflicts to the path of warriorship. Thank you, Shastri Woodhull for bringing this to the front page for us!

Meditation in the City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast. Thanks to Seth Freedman, of NYC, for making this available to the Shambhala Times and our listeners and readers!

Living Shambhala Culture is a series brought to you when possible by the Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum. These offerings are intended to bring fresh perspectives on living our principles, invoking drala and enriching culture in our homes, centers and communities. Thanks to Wendy Friedman and Amanda Hester, both of Halifax, for bringing us these dispatches!

In Everyday Life offers visitations with Shambhala practitioners from all walks of life to hear stories about their life, livelihood and how their meditation practice permeates their everyday experience. Often, these are also interviews or reflections. The Shambhala Times is delighted to welcome Gayle Hanson, of Montpelier, VT on board as the new Column Host for this important, engaging column!

– Columns Seeking New Hosts –

photo by Sarah Lipton

photo by Sarah Lipton

These columns are currently seeking new hosts to help curate, cultivate and share more content on the Shambhala Times:
Dharma Teachings
Youth and Family
Good Practice
Celebrating the Arts

As you can see, this is a HUGELY collaborative effort. We can’t do it without your support. Let us know if you are interested in joining the wide and wonderful ranks of the Shambhala Times! Send an email to us at: [email protected]

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