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Mar 14
Arts and Poetry
Midwinter Haiku Contest Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions
photo by Jeffrey Fink

photo by Jeffrey Fink

Midwinter Haiku Contest Semifinalists and Honorable Mentions (in Order of Selection)

While it may seem that the snow will never stop in Boston, or begin again in the mountains of the west, winter will, presumably, move gradually into Spring. Before that happens, here are the remaining haiku selected from the First Annual Winter Haiku Contest. Stay warm, and enjoy ….

Semi Finalists:

the low slant
of winter light

–Alan Summers
Bradford upon Avon, England 


winter’s dark
bitter fruit, ripening slowly
into dawn

–Jeff Fink
Park City, UT
(Salt Lake Shambhala Meditation Group)


a blank page
in the baby book
first snow

–Mark Brager
Columbia, MD


winter wind
the faint glow
of an oil lamp

–Billy Antonio
the Phillipines


in a hurry
I scribble my name
in the snow

–James Rodriguez
Washougal, WA

Honorable Mentions:

the cold night
comes out of the stones
all morning

–Jim Casian
Winchester, VA


mid winter-
a heron departs from
its shadow

–Rita Odeh
Nazareth, Israel



holding nothing
but fresh snow
the stone Buddha

–Mark Brager
Columbia, MD


into the deep
of the longest night–
the poet

–Marianne Paul


I forget the truth
like the sky forgets the stars
in the crisp morning

–Cameron Wenaus
Nelson, BC
(Kootenay Shambhala Center)


a little support
saves the bending bough
mandarin oranges

–Andrea Eldridge
Claremont, CA


deep sighs
outside snow
on snow

–Billy Antonio
The Phillipines


black cat,
white snow
nowhere to go

–Ellen Berger
Boston, MA


by a snow-fed stream
easing its weight from time to time
tethered packhorse

  –Sheila K. Barksdale
Gainesville, FL


first winter storm —
a thin coat of snow
on the toddler

–Julie Kelsey
Germantown, MD

The publication of the Midwinter Haiku Contest winning entries can be seen here.


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5 responses to “ Midwinter Haiku Contest Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions ”
  1. Thank you so much!

  2. editorial error Julie, now corrected. our apologies…

  3. Please delete my poem from this page. Prior to the completion of judging, I withdrew “rain mixed with snow” from the competition because I realized that I had inadvertently borrowed the first line from someone else’s poem.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Julie Bloss Kelsey

  4. I really like the one about forgetting the truth like the sky forgets the stars…

  5. Dawa Chöga
    Mar 14, 2015

    “Whatever comes out of the mind,
    Regard not that as poetry.
    When the true poetry comes,
    No such question exists.”

    Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
    (from “The Victoria Memorial,” published in Mudra,
    Early Poems and Songs [Shambhala, 1972]

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