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Nov 25
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The Passing of Acharya Allyn Lyon

A letter from Acharya Emily Bower and Cynthia Mackay

Dear Sangha Friends,

Acharya Allyn LyonAcharya Allyn Lyon passed away just before midnight (Mountain Time) on Friday, November 20, in Denver, Colorado. She will be missed by so many of us.

Allyn had been unconscious in the Swedish Hospital ICU in Denver since November 9, due to bleeding, swelling, and seizures in her brain. She had been on a respirator since then. On Thursday the 19th, the seizures abated and doctors took her off sedation. She remained on the respirator and did not regain consciousness.

On Friday, the decision was made to remove the respirator. Allyn’s son Chris was present, and they were surrounded by loving sangha as Allyn passed. Los Angeles sangha member Carolyn Sykes was on the phone with Chris, and she could hear the group gathered around them singing the Seven-Line Supplication to Padmakara as Allyn made her way out of this life.

During Allyn’s time in the hospital, Lhamen Mitchell Levy was in close contact with her doctors, and he assured us that Allyn had received excellent, compassionate care.

Acharya Emily Bower

Cynthia Mackay, Center Director, Shambhala Los Angeles

Editor’s note: a warrior’s tribute in recognition of Acharya Allyn’s passing is being prepared as a follow-up to this brief announcement, and will be published soon.

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2 responses to “ The Passing of Acharya Allyn Lyon ”
  1. Lenley Lewis
    Jan 4, 2016

    Allyn was a subtle, spontaneous and economical (in both words and actions) teacher who was very helpful to me at a Shambhala Mt Center Maitri Retreat in –I think it was 2003. I always hoped to meet her again. I’m grateful we met once. I associate her with Ekajati, who danced for Longchenpa, and about whom I questioned Allyn after I dreamed of Ekajati. She directed me to Ekajati’s mantra and told me it probably would tell me all I needed to know.

  2. Robert French
    Nov 25, 2015

    I am shocked and sad to here of this news, but so grateful to have had the opportunity to study the dharma from Acharya Lyon. I was a part of a summer dathun at SMC which she led and her easy-going personality and sense of humor was infectious. She will be missed!
    May all beings be free of suffering…

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