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Author: Jennifer Holder

Number of entries: 84
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Jennifer was a founding editor of the Shambhala Times and served as editor-in-chief, reporter, and event blogger until 2012. She received a writing degree from Naropa University and immediately launched a whole-hearted, all-in career in book publishing. After editorial stints in Boulder, Vancouver, London, Dallas, and Manhattan, she founded Full Bloom Publications and writes, edits, advises, coaches, and publishes galore (averaging 28 book projects a year). Jennifer lives in Fulton, Missouri with furry sangha members who purr during meditation and sometimes eat shrine offerings.

Apr 23

“Art Happens”: Life in Stills

Filed underFeatured Columns, Art Happens, Share it Here, Arts and Poetry

By Anne Anderson Saitzyk
Captions added by Jennifer Holder

Gentle Weapons

Served Afresh

Count the Feet

Grey’s Rest

Within the Fold

Bagged for Rebirth

Author Archive

"Art Happens": The World Within One Scene
“Art Happens”: The World Within One Scene
no responses - Posted 04.23.19
By David Wilde The play of energies in the imagery around us, as we see it in our visual perceptions, has vivid power that clearly and thoroughly reveals the true nature of our whole world within just that one scene. That’s always a delightful experience, though ...continue
Art Happens: A Revisioned Wall
Art Happens: A Revisioned Wall – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 04.08.19
By Jennifer Holder, for the column “Art Happens” This monument was given to Fulton, Missouri as part of its connection with Winston Churchill. Artist Edwina Sandys took eight sections of the Berlin Wall to create “Breakthrough,” a work of art that emerged from the clearest physical manifestation ...continue
"Old News": Controversy Rocks Dorje Dzong, by a Stiff Raporter
“Old News”: Controversy Rocks Dorje Dzong, by a Stiff Raporter
3 responses - Posted 03.25.19
April/May 1989 On March 15 a startling void was discovered in the basement hallway of Dorje Dzong in Boulder. The coin-operated soda-pop vending machines, which had stood for what seemed like kalpas outside the basement shrine room, had been moved. Only the carpet stains remained to indicate ...continue
The "Old News Is Good News" Feature
The “Old News Is Good News” Feature – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 03.25.19
This article announces the new column “Old News is Good News!” You can read the first installment here.    Perhaps we can evoke our history to support our present through a new Shambhala Times feature titled “Old News Is Good News.” Since 2010, I have been hauling three sake ...continue
"Art Happens" so Let's Share It Here
“Art Happens” so Let’s Share It Here – HIGHLIGHT
7 responses - Posted 03.17.19
Art happens anytime, anywhere, through spontaneity and deliberation alike. It can be made from anything. It can hold and convey our deepest pains and greatest joys. Whatever it is, it’s communication. Therefore, this new Shambhala Times column, “Art Happens” is devoted to sharing our art. Right now, ...continue
Home Shrines Are Where We Gather
Home Shrines Are Where We Gather – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 12.09.18
A photo gallery of home shrines, courtesy of Shambhalians around the world who shared the images below. The ordinariness of our Shambhala Households are as powerful as they are mundane. But the practices and implements of modern life – dishwashers, electric stoves, washing machines, and hair dryers ...continue
Sangha Mobilizing for Flood Recovery
Sangha Mobilizing for Flood Recovery – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 09.17.13
News from the Colorado Front Range sangha. Refresh your browser for updates. Checking in with Shambhala Centers On Sunday, Boulder Center Director Ulrike Halpern sent an email asking everyone to check in. She received dozens of stories from people who lost their homes or incurred damage, as ...continue
The Boulder Flood: Notes from High Ground
The Boulder Flood: Notes from High Ground – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 09.13.13
As flooding continues in Boulder Valley, Jennifer Holder offers tidbits from a hillside. Just as I sit at my computer to write this, the sun peeks through rainclouds for the second time in four days. It quickly fades, but encourages me on to write this little ...continue
Falling in Love with a Buddha
Falling in Love with a Buddha – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 03.30.12
by Frank Berliner To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s parinirvana, Frank Berliner has published a book that recalls his encounters with this engaging and enigmatic teacher. Here is an excerpt. You can order a copy of the book, or download it as ...continue
Rigden on a Hilltop
Rigden on a Hilltop – HIGHLIGHT
5 responses - Posted 03.04.12
By Jennifer Holder This short story is a tribute to the Rigden, who in Shambhala is the basic enlightened nature of all human beings and the “Possessor of Family Awareness.” Standing on a hillside, the Rigden surveys the ground. Taking in the view, assessing the arrangement of the ...continue
Artfully Wedded in Britain
Artfully Wedded in Britain – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 04.29.11
Jennifer Holder shares her cross-national perspective on watching William & Catherine’s Royal Wedding live. As the royal wedding proceedings rest for photographs and inner-sanctum formalities, electricity is surely surging across Britain as everyone flips the switch on their kettles for tea. I myself flipped the switch, but ...continue
Gathering the Cost of Postage
Gathering the Cost of Postage – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 12.05.10
In this third article dedicated to the Shambhala Time Capsule, Jennifer Holder encourages the financial support of each other’s projects, so that an individual’s vision truly becomes the work of our entire community. As the age of speed and aggression gains momentum, the Shambhala Time Capsule ...continue
An Elegantly Preserved Package
An Elegantly Preserved Package – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 12.03.10
Many of us in Shambhala harbor deeply inspired aspirations for what we would like to accomplish in the world. In this second article on the Shambhala Time Capsule, Jennifer Holder looks at the path Steve Roth followed in bringing the time capsule into being. At times, ...continue
Love Letter to the Future
Love Letter to the Future – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 12.01.10
In this three-part series, Jennifer Holder writes about the creation of a Shambhala Time Capsule, something the Vidyadhara requested of his student Steve Roth. Steve has dedicated himself to the project for three decades. In this first article, Jennifer reflects on the nature of a Dark ...continue

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