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Author: Larry Barnett

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Web: http://www.barnettweekly.com

Larry Barnett served in elected office for 12 years on the Sonoma City Council, and was twice selected as Mayor. He is the Director of the Sonoma Shambhala Center and is on the Board of Directors of Northern California Shambhala, also serving as Chair of the Council of Center Directors. His weekly newspaper column can be read at www.barnettweekly.com.

Oct 14

Is Knowledge Power?

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by Larry Barnett

Having taken the Sakyong’s suggestion about becoming experts on society and understanding the nature of self, I’ve been immersed in re-reading Western philosophy and exploring the roots of our western conceptions about self and society. Accordingly, the shift towards a materialist view that took place alongside Europe’s Age of Enlightenment has largely defined the way western culture and society developed, and stands in contrast to many of our Shambhala teachings.

The defining character of the modern age is its relationship to acquiring knowledge: the idea that knowledge is power, specifically power over nature and others. This orientation distinguishes modernity from antiquity’s belief in knowledge as its own reward and wisdom ultimately found “in here” not “out there.”

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