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Author: Carol Henderson

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Sep 10

Wealth of Generosity

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by Shastri Matthew Lyon

Generosity is directly related to a feeling of abundance and confidence in our lives. On an inner level, in meditation practice, we rest the mind in the ground of basic goodness, the primordial confidence in our heart, our true nature. We can notice that when fear arises, this feeling of wholeness and abundance is restricted.

In a fearful state of mind in daily life, miserliness and stinginess become prominent. We miss the fact that natural care for one’s resources is different from an obsession with thrift, which fixates our minds on limitation and a feeling of insufficiency. With mindfulness, we can notice this process as it arises. Continue…

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Fun and Belonging
Fun and Belonging – HIGHLIGHT
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Our experience at Enlightened Society Assembly in Austin, Texas by Aarush and Aarnav Uli, ages 7 and 11   This year my brother and I attended the Enlightened Children’s Program (ECP) at the Austin Shambala Center, led by Shastri Iris Ramos, with volunteers Christian Mitchell, Davis Maynard, and Miya Little. A ...continue
Warrior Assembly Reflections
Warrior Assembly Reflections – HIGHLIGHT
5 responses - Posted 09.04.18
Dechen Chöling, July 2018 by Michal George Love is most nearly itself when here and now cease to matter. For a further union, a deeper communion In my end is my beginning. — T.S. Eliot I almost didn’t go. A week before my planned departure for France, a massive storm enveloped ...continue
European Donor Group
European Donor Group – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 08.29.18
Many projects approved for funding at the most recent meetings of the EDG by Hermien Rodenburg The European Donor Group would like to affirm its commitment to support initiatives and activities within the Shambhala world, especially in this uncertain and confusing time. As part of that affirmation, we ...continue
Wisdom of Nature
Wisdom of Nature – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.27.18
Carrying practice into the outdoors, this Seattle hiking group takes a wide view by Anisha Prasad When confusion and speed arise, the Seattle Shambhala hiking group hits the trail. This summer we hiked the beautiful Harvey Manning trail, a good five-mile walk in the Issaquah Alps and just minutes ...continue
Fear, Anger, and Dignity
Fear, Anger, and Dignity – HIGHLIGHT
5 responses - Posted 08.25.18
Reflections on the quality of dignity, especially in times of speed and aggression by Susan Firer I don’t think it would be a shock to anyone reading this, even anyone not reading this for that matter, that we are in a time of great fear and aggression. This ...continue
Family Camp at SMC
Family Camp at SMC – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.23.18
Sharing the joys of this summer’s Family Camp experience at Shambhala Mountain Center by Heather Locke Family Camp happened at Shambhala Mountain Center July 28-Aug 4 with folks new to Shambhala, second generation, and all the rest of us. Here’s a glimpse into our unplugged week: for our 200 ...continue
The Liberation of Lowered Expectations
The Liberation of Lowered Expectations – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 08.19.18
by Larry Barnett One reason I sometimes feel dissatisfied with life is that my expectations are too high. In fact, this is the primary reason. I expect, for example, that candidates for President of the United States will have been taught good manners like politeness and not ...continue
Compassion and Gardening
Compassion and Gardening – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 08.17.18
Our connection to the natural world as a bridge to compassion for our fellow human beings by Cash Clay Sometimes I struggle to feel compassion for another human individual or humanity in general. I cannot always connect easily to my compassionate nature. I feel stuck in a flow ...continue
The Three S's
The Three S’s – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.15.18
An opportunity to explore these three: Stillness, Silence, and Spaciousness by Brooke Binstock  When the three of us (Kelly Lindsey, Marissa Knox and I) got together to talk about what to center our August retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center around, we easily settled on the theme of Stillness, Silence, ...continue
Ashe Mahamudra
Ashe Mahamudra – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.13.18
Practitioners gather in Ottawa, Ontario for a mahamudra intensive by Nyingje Sheltri Awake to a jangling alarm, grab a quick shower, throw on some clothes, and head out into the hectic confusion of stop-and-go rush hour traffic. Arriving with barely a moment to spare, grabbing a cup of ...continue
Shambhala Shrine Amidst Crisis
Shambhala Shrine Amidst Crisis – HIGHLIGHT
14 responses - Posted 08.11.18
Working with issues and concerns related to Shambhala Center shrines and images of Shambhala teachers by Barbara Heffernan The Shambhala community is struggling to determine the appropriate response to recent accounts of sexual misconduct on the part of our spiritual leader and lineage holder, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. On a ...continue
Changes Ahead
Changes Ahead – HIGHLIGHT
5 responses - Posted 08.09.18
A message from the editor about upcoming changes at the Shambhala Times by Carol Henderson To our dear readers: many thanks for visiting this site, contributing your stories, reading the work of others, and sharing your comments. Working with you over the past three years has always been ...continue
Tiny Home Community 2
Tiny Home Community 2 – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.07.18
Part 2 of a conversation with Silas Rose about Shambhala vision, tiny home dreams, and the practice of living in community by George Klima George. Let me go to the practical details: what would be an approximate budget? What do you see as a viable governance structure? Silas. In ...continue
Tiny Home Community 1
Tiny Home Community 1 – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.05.18
A conversation with Silas Rose about Shambhala vision, tiny home dreams, and the practice of living in community by George Klima Last summer Silas Rose, Director at the Victoria Shambhala Centre, sold his home of 15 years and bought a restored vintage airstream coach to try out tiny ...continue

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