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May 29

Level One in South Africa

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Re-experiencing the power and inspiration of Shambhala Training Level One
by Michal George
Our local sangha was recently offered a grant by Shambhala Europe. Since we do not currently have a resident teacher, it was intended to keep us inspired by having an overseas visitor come and teach programs.
I have been very lucky to have travelled to the USA and Europe to attend courses with some of the best teachers in the organization. It wasn’t completely up to me, but when it came time to select and invite someone, I remember how clear and easy it felt to open my laptop and begin writing the message which read, “Dear Beate, Would you consider traveling to Cape Town to teach?”


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Earth Day 2018
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On an international day of environmental focus and action, contemplating the loss of my mother’s best friend by Irene Woodard My mother called this morning in tears; Joan Konner, her best friend of more than sixty years, had just died. Joan was the first and only female Dean ...continue

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