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Feb 17

Ubuntu: “I had nothing but I believed in the power of my people.”

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Photo Credit NaomiW25 on Wikimedia Commons

By Hans Kaufmann

Este artículo ha sido traducido al español aqui.

When I worked with children in the Shambhala Center in Vienna, stories were always an important and requested part of our meetings. During the last years they were around 10 and they manifested vivid inquisitiveness and interest in foreign countries and what happened in the greater world in general. I was always looking for stories, which might be interesting for them. Once I found the story of Kennedy Odede and his SHOFCO (“Shining hope for communities”)  project in Kibera, a big slum in Nairobi (described in A path appears, by  Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn). This was the story, the kids were most impressed of – and I think it’s not only a story for kids.

One question, which was amazing for them was: how could a human being who had grown up in an degraded environment, full of violence and drug abuse, who suffered from a lack of basic human needs such as food, healthcare and education, rise to become a powerful, compassionate and humorous leader and facilitating sustainable community change towards a more healthy, peaceful and dignified society?   The children felt that to be heroic and almost incredible.  It might as well read incredible for many of us, used to and bombarded every day by so many bad news. But there are obviously still good news in this world and this story is definitely one of them. As Shambhalians you might easily recognize: it is a story about basic goodness, confidence and principles of enlightened society, like a lotus, naturally emerging out of the mud. Continue…

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Shambhala Center is open and closed

For most of us, the Shambhala Center will be completely closed from Saturday April 27 to Friday May 3rd!  There will be no sitting, no classes, no office hours, no groups, no meetings, no anything. But for a group of hardy meditators who have registered for the week-long ... continue
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Caregiving for a Spouse Column: Aging in Shambhala personal reflections by David Whitehorn Hollywood movies used to end with two people gazing fondly into each other’s eyes and pledging to grow old together. It sounds wonderful, and it is. But growing old with a partner means there is a ... continue
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On the Map and On the Move

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The Buddy System

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Barefoot Walking

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The Warriorship of Aging

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COLUMN: Aging in Enlightened Society How to Rule Your World Instead of Being a Victim Contemplations by Ann Cason “It feels solid, simple, and straightforward. Then, you also have a feeling of gentleness and openness, as though an exquisite flower has bloomed auspiciously in your life. In whatever action you ... continue
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From Enlightened Society to Detroit

From Enlightened Society to Detroit

article and photos by Jeff Fink He had very kind eyes. But his robe was the most distinctive feature of this Christian monk who took his seat next to me on this first leg of my journey home to Utah from Enlightened Society Assembly at Karme Choling. ... continue
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Cooking With The Moon

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Kitchen Wisdom by Lisa Harris Random thought: “When I sit down to write something, I realize I am looking for answers. If that is true, what are the questions?” One of my favorite words is wisdom. It hasn’t been a very common word throughout my life, education, and career. ... continue
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Radical Friendliness

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Alicia Vogl Saenz is a museum educator at one of Los Angeles’ premiere art institutions. She shares a bit about how the Shambhala teachings inspired her to create a culture of “Radical Friendliness” at the musuem. A few years ago, my supervisor and I were planning ... continue
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Pleasure in Precision

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COLUMN: In Everyday Life In a recent skype interview, the Shambhala Times enjoyed the occasion to interview Mr. John Darby, a long-time Shambhala student, and woodworker since the early 1970s. John lives with his wife, Shastri Andrea Darby and family in Western Massachusetts. We asked him about ... continue
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Charnel Ground of "No"

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COLUMN: In Everyday Life Recently over breakfast, the Shambhala Times had the opportunity to interview David Fraioli, Shambhalian and actor living in Los Angeles. David co-starred in Episode 8 of this season’s popular TV show, Dexter. We asked him about that experience, and his experience of what ... continue
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Limitless Possibilities

Limitless Possibilities – HIGHLIGHT

Kitchen Wisdom by Lisa Harris Part One: Groundless… I am experiencing some personal resistance back here at home, while helping with food shopping and cooking dinners for my family. Each one of us has a unique set of health related food requirements that restrict the ingredients I can use ... continue
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