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Dec 09

Home Shrines Are Where We Gather

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A photo gallery of home shrines, courtesy of Shambhalians around the world who shared the images below.

The ordinariness of our Shambhala Households are as powerful as they are mundane. But the practices and implements of modern life – dishwashers, electric stoves, washing machines, and hair dryers – are not what draws the attention of ourselves or our guests. As a community, we fill our homes with objects that remind, inspire, protect, and attract. We communicate by providing landing pads for meaning, through the nonconceptual stimulation of the senses.

The homes we create reflect our mind’s unique expression and also our common experience. Nowhere is this as obvious as in our shrines, the places at which Shambhalians take their seats and work with reality. When you look at the gallery below, the uniqueness of the person who arranged the shrine is obvious. But once you’ve looked at a few, it becomes equally clear that Shambhalians share a common stock of distinctive, potent symbols. Continue…

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Two Minutes of Basic Goodness

Two Minutes of Basic Goodness – HIGHLIGHT

from Hamish Maclaren on the Accessibility and Disability blog on the Shambhala Times For the next couple of months two or three times a week video clips of the Sakyong talking about basic goodness and creating enlightened society are being posted to the Sakyong’s –Official YouTube Channel. ... continue
Posted November 5, 2012 by
Snapshots of Basic Goodness: October

Snapshots of Basic Goodness: October – HIGHLIGHT

This regular posting features snapshots of basic goodness as seen out in the world, on the street, in the countryside, in another country, at work, home, garden or grocery store. (Click on each image to view larger.) Snapshot of Basic Goodness by Terry Rudderham, Co-Director of Shambhala Media Dragon ... continue
Posted October 8, 2012 by
Snapshots of Basic Goodness: September

Snapshots of Basic Goodness: September – HIGHLIGHT

This regular posting features snapshots of basic goodness as seen out in the world, on the street, in the countryside, in another country, at work, home, garden or grocery store. (Click on each image to view larger.) continue
Posted September 9, 2012 by
Weekthun 2012 Pictures

Weekthun 2012 Pictures

Words are just symbols… continue
Posted September 6, 2012 by Michael Foster
Gesar in Story and Song, part 2

Gesar in Story and Song, part 2 – HIGHLIGHT

Audio recording offered by Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche to the Shambhala community When you tell the story of buddhas and bodhisattvas, there are many ways to tell them: outer, inner and secret biographies. In this case, we’re going to tell the outer biography of Gesar. He is the son of ... continue
Posted June 1, 2012 by
Submit Your Videos!

Submit Your Videos! – HIGHLIGHT

Introducing the new YouTube channel for the Shambhala community, now arriving online: Shambhala Community Channel by Anna Weinstein The inspiration behind the effort to create a community youtube channel is to foster a further sense of a global Shambhala community through the creation of an online forum in ... continue
Posted May 20, 2012 by anna_weinstein
Walk the Talk with Sakyong Mipham

Walk the Talk with Sakyong Mipham – HIGHLIGHT

Here in this video interview with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Waylon Lewis – Founder of elephant journal, discusses the Sakyong’s new book: Running with the Mind of Meditation, which will be released on April 10, 2012. To view more, and watch a video with bonus footage from this ... continue
Posted April 7, 2012 by

Shambhala 2011 The Year in Review movie closed captioned in eight languages

The wonderful Shambhala 2011 Year in Review movie was captioned and translated into eight languages thanks to the valiant efforts of many translators who worked tirelessly to have the translations ready for Shambhala Day. Thanks to their efforts may more Shambhalians were able to see the ... continue
Posted February 28, 2012 by Hamish_MacLaren
What About You?

What About You? – HIGHLIGHT

video offered by Robert Van Vranken This video is entirely a true story. I was out exercising one morning on the U.C. Davis campus feeling very sorry for myself and chewing on all my problems – and this older woman on crutches just popped my bubble by ... continue
Posted February 15, 2012 by
What the Children Say: Everybody Has Basic Goodness

What the Children Say: Everybody Has Basic Goodness – HIGHLIGHT

For the past two years, Dorje Denma Ling has offered a very special winter holiday family gathering, which begins December 26th and culminating in a New Year’s Eve banquet and dance party. Each day begins and ends together with chants and meditation, with children from age ... continue
Posted January 5, 2012 by
Gesar in Story and Song

Gesar in Story and Song – HIGHLIGHT

Inspired by the profound teachings of Gesar of Ling, the mythical, historical, holder of sacred buddhist teachings, Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche has offered the Shambhala Times readers an audio gift of song and story. This broadcast tells the story of Gesar going to India and the hell ... continue
Posted December 15, 2011 by
Faces of the Shambhala Lineage Festival

Faces of the Shambhala Lineage Festival – HIGHLIGHT

As it gets cooler and we move towards Children’s Day, the Shambhala Times wanted to revisit the warmer climate captured during the shared delight of the Shambhala Lineage Festival. Following are a few snapshots and testaments to the beautiful weekend shared by our whole mandala. Magnificent sunflower ... continue
Posted December 11, 2011 by

“International” – HIGHLIGHT

Music and video by Jim Infantino, of the Boston Shambhala Center, and his band: Jim’s Big Ego I wrote the song International while on a folk music tour in 2005, promoting a folk music festival called Falcon Ridge in upstate New York. There were six of us ... continue
Posted December 6, 2011 by
Occupying Nature

Occupying Nature – HIGHLIGHT

Colorado Mountain and Front Range Time-lapse Video by Zane Edwards Over the past several months, I have been working on creating time-lapse videos and photos of the mountains surrounding the Boulder area. I would like to offer this to my fellow brothers and sisters as a reminder that even ... continue
Posted December 4, 2011 by Zane Edwards
Runaway Meditation Retreat

Runaway Meditation Retreat – HIGHLIGHT

by Taz Tagore This year, the New York City-based Reciprocity Foundation pioneered a Buddhist retreat program for homeless, foster care and runaway youth. Over 20 youth attended 3-day retreats (at Dharma Drum retreat center) in upstate New York. The youth reveled in the beauty of the pristine ... continue
Posted October 14, 2011 by

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