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Shambhala Household
Shambhala Household – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 04.09.18
A new program to assist practitioners in establishing a Shambhala household by Lady Diana Mukpo To the noble Shambhala sangha, As some of you know, over the last several months I have taken over the management of rolling out the Shambhala household program, which is based on the Sakyong’s Shambhala Household text. This household ...continue
Shambhala Household Experiment
Shambhala Household Experiment – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 04.09.17
Reflections on the household culture and Shambhala experience of Boulder's Marpa House by Michael Schneeweis While many captivating themes run through the Shambhala teachings, the notion of cultivating a wakeful household stands out as a particularly important aspect of the overall vision of our lineage. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a ...continue
Considering Food in a Shambhala Household
Considering Food in a Shambhala Household – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 10.18.13
[caption id="attachment_88524" align="alignright" width="300"] Harvest of Tomatoes by Karen Iglehart[/caption]COLUMN: Living Shambhala Culture This series of articles is brought to you by the Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum. We hope that these offerings will bring fresh perspectives on living our principles, invoking drala and enriching culture in our homes, centers ...continue
Shambhala Household in the Wild West
Shambhala Household in the Wild West – HIGHLIGHT
6 responses - Posted 08.27.11
by Zane Edwards The Sakyong teaches us that Shambhala households consist of diverse shapes and sizes. This is most certainly true for ours! Our household consists of my brother and I, along with our clients. Our clients have developmental disabilities that were acquired when they were young, and are therefore provided ...continue
Creating a Cheerful Shambhala Household
Creating a Cheerful Shambhala Household – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 05.25.10
By Neal Greenberg As a Dorje Kusung, I had the great good fortune to work with the Druk Sakyong on many of the Shambhala forms and with the Sakong Mipham Rinpoche on creating a Shambhala Household. I live in a Shambhala household. Please permit me to share with you a few ...continue
Vidyadhara on Shambhala Households – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 04.05.10
[caption id="attachment_15163" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The kitchen shrine at the Kalapa Court in Halifax"][/caption]This is a highlight from the Q&A between a student and Chogyam Trungpa that ocurred on August 20, 1979 at Naropa Institute, during the talk titled "Warrior of Shambhala." Q. How would you describe the Shambhala household? VCTR: Well, very ...continue
Shambhala Households: Transcript
Shambhala Households: Transcript – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 01.23.10
Here is the transcript of a discussion about Shambhala Households that was released early this month. President Richard Reoch: Dear friends, I’m speaking to you from the Kalapa Court here in Halifax. It is just days after the 4th Shambhala Congress and, in fact, it is the Sakyong’s birthday. And ...continue
Service & Shambhala Households
Service & Shambhala Households – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 01.04.10
By David Whitehorn Contemplating the Sakyong’s talk on Shambhala Households, I found myself thinking about the practice of service. Service is such an integral part of Shambhala that it is often taken for granted and not recognized as the profound practice that it can be. Hearing the word “service” might at ...continue
Children in a Shambhala Household
Children in a Shambhala Household – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 01.03.10
[caption id="attachment_15132" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Family Camp 2008 at Dorje Denma Ling "][/caption] This article touches on the richness of mixing meditation practice and Shambhala culture with the complexities of family life. It is an area where everyone has valuable experience. Continuing to build on materials and resources on this topic is ...continue
What is a Shambhala Household?
What is a Shambhala Household? – HIGHLIGHT
17 responses - Posted 01.01.10
In conjunction with the Sakyong's recent teaching and emphasis on Shambhala Household, we asked Wendy Friedman and Noel McLellan to share their thoughts on the topic. Sangyum Wendy Friedman is the newly appointed Director of the Office of Culture and Decorum. Kusung Dapon Noel McLellan is a senior officer of ...continue
Sakong Announces Shambhala Household Initiative
Sakong Announces Shambhala Household Initiative
no responses - Posted 12.31.09
On his birthday, just before entering retreat, the Sakyong recorded an interview with President Reoch about the significance of Shambhala Households. "Shambhala is historically connected with household," he said. "I feel that the next phase is really this notion of the Shambhala Household. A person could choose to say 'I would ...continue
Sakyong Performing Pujas for Shambhala December 9–10
Sakyong Performing Pujas for Shambhala December 9–10
no responses - Posted 11.21.17
On December 9th and 10th, the Kongma Sakyong will perform two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala and the world. For this season's pujas, he has again selected practices that members of the community have a relationship with: Kurukulla, a practice renowned for gathering wealth, beings, and ...continue
Shambhala Service Awards
Shambhala Service Awards – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 03.13.17
At the request of the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo, the Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum is pleased to announce the reinstatement of Shambhala Service Awards. from the Office of Culture and Decorum, with photos by BHH Studios On Shambhala Day 2017, more than 1,400 awards were conferred on recipients around the ...continue
Supplicating the Shambhala Lineage
Supplicating the Shambhala Lineage – HIGHLIGHT
9 responses - Posted 08.16.16
An explication of the chant known as the Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage by Russell Rodgers In this chant, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche acknowledges the sources of the Shambhala Lineage. There were four main lineages in Tibet: the Gelugpa (the Dalai Lama’s lineage), the Sakya, the Kagyu and the Nyingma. Calling ours the ...continue
Householders Harvesting Peace
Householders Harvesting Peace
no responses - Posted 09.21.15
From everyone here at the Shambhala Times, Cheerful Harvest of Peace! Each year at the time of the fall equinox, we celebrate the Harvest of Peace, coming together as a community to mark the changing of the seasons. This year's theme is the concept of household, particularly how we relate to ...continue

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