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On Torma Offering

On Torma Offering – HIGHLIGHT

by Phil Karl While practicing in the three-year retreat at Gampo Abbey several years ago I learned to make tormas. I’d been making tormas for a number of years, but finally got comprehensive training, and plenty of practice in that rather long retreat. It may be of interest ... continue
Posted October 30, 2018 by Philip Karl
Co-Directors of Gampo Abbey Appointed

Co-Directors of Gampo Abbey Appointed

Ron Renz and Janet Whelan at Taktsang, BhutanOn behalf of the Kongma Sakyong and the Kalapa Council, the Office of the Sakyong is delighted to announce the appointment of Ron Renz and Janet Whelan as Co-Directors of Gampo Abbey. They are succeeding Director Richard Haspray, who ... continue
Posted November 22, 2016 by David_Brown
Shambhala Monastic Order

Shambhala Monastic Order – HIGHLIGHT

Good news about the order, and an invitation to learn more about this unique opportunity by David Brown and Loden Nima The Shambhala Monastic Order is experiencing a fruitful time since Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche established it in 2013, bringing together the lineage of monastic ordination from the Buddha with ... continue
Posted June 17, 2016 by CGH
A Polish Monk Finds Home

A Polish Monk Finds Home – HIGHLIGHT

Nordzin’s Story: A Gampo Abbey Reflection by Tsondru Nordzin (Jarek Paslawski) Before coming to Gampo Abbey, I lived in Poland where I was born. I worked for a logistic forwarding company as a manager. Having job and a family with two children, going to a place like the ... continue
Posted November 30, 2015 by
The Warriors Who Are Joyful

The Warriors Who Are Joyful – HIGHLIGHT

A Gampo Abbey Reflection: Lodro’s Story by Tharpa Lodro My given name at birth was Daniel McCoy Baker. I was born October 26th, 1989 in Cheverly, Maryland, not too far from Washington D.C., the area where I have spent the greater part of my life. I grew up about ... continue
Posted November 18, 2015 by
The Warriors Who Are Meek

The Warriors Who Are Meek – HIGHLIGHT

The Shambhala Monastic Order’s first temporary monastic training program comes to completion by Shastri Loden Nyima, Monastic Secretary to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Summer is passing and fall arriving at Gampo Abbey as we conclude our first year of residential monastic training, The Warriors Who Are Meek, from the ... continue
Posted November 2, 2015 by CGH
Lobsters, Mice, and Assorted Critters

Lobsters, Mice, and Assorted Critters – HIGHLIGHT

The Practice of Life Release at Gampo Abbey article by Emma Cataford, Gampo Abbey On July 9th Gampo Abbey residents performed the annual lobster release. This involves purchasing (with the aid of donations) the last catch of the season from local fisherman and longtime Abbey friend Captain Mark ... continue
Posted September 6, 2015 by
Summer Fun at Gampo Abbey

Summer Fun at Gampo Abbey – HIGHLIGHT

Gampo Abbey Monastics Play Ball, Release Lobsters and Visit Kalapa Valley article by Ani Lodro Dechen Like the seasons surrounding us, life at the Abbey is very different in the summer than in the winter. In contrast to the period of deep retreat we engage in during the ... continue
Posted July 24, 2015 by
Gampo Abbey Welcomes a New Life Monastic

Gampo Abbey Welcomes a New Life Monastic – HIGHLIGHT

Photo by Lodro Kalsang On April 9th, one of Gampo Abbey’s temporary monks, Thubten Tingdzen, took the brave leap of Parma Rabjung ordination. In the Tibetan tradition, this is a first step in the path of life monasticism, an entry period before taking novice vows. After the ceremony, ... continue
Posted April 19, 2015 by Dan
Yarne: The Heart of Gampo Abbey

Yarne: The Heart of Gampo Abbey – HIGHLIGHT

by Emma Cataford, temporary monastic and Loden Nyima, Head of Education at Gampo Abbey The community at Gampo Abbey ushered in 2015 by starting their annual winter retreat, called Yarne. Entering the retreat involves formally committing to remain within both the physical boundaries of the land as well ... continue
Posted April 8, 2015 by Dan
Once for a Lifetime

Once for a Lifetime – HIGHLIGHT

On Temporary Monastic Ordination by Gelong Loden Nyima, Head of Practice and Education at Gampo Abbey Edited by Emma Cataford, Temporary Monastic at Gampo Abbey Photographs by Thubten Tingdzen and Adrian Thalasinos Haley The Shambhala monastic community Someone once asked one of the great monastics and teachers of the Tibetan community ... continue
Posted March 8, 2015 by Dan
The Shape of Awake

The Shape of Awake

A report on Hope Martin’s recent teaching at Gampo Abbey. Hope is leading a Shape of Awake weekthun in Atlanta March 22 – 28th. Hope Martin with Ani Pema Chödrön During this year’s Yarne retreat, Hope Martin, a Master Teacher of the Alexander Technique, was invited by Ani Pema Chödrön to ... continue
Posted February 23, 2015 by Dan
Vulnerability and Humor

Vulnerability and Humor – HIGHLIGHT

The wooden hammer is called a han (from the Zen tradition) used to call to meditation. The slogan at the top reads: “Great is the matter of life and death. Awake! Awake! Don’t waste time!”Exploring Life at Gampo Abbey by Emma Cataford, Shambhala Times Regional Correspondant with assistance ... continue
Posted January 14, 2015 by
A Hall of Mirrors

A Hall of Mirrors – HIGHLIGHT

Exploring Life at Gampo Abbey article and photos by Emma Cataford, Shambhala Times Regional Correspondant with assistance from Loden Nyima, Head of Education at Gampo Abbey Part One One of the most common misconceptions about living at a monastery is that it’s an attempt to evade our lives and the ... continue
Posted January 10, 2015 by
Journey into Shambhala Monasticism

Journey into Shambhala Monasticism – HIGHLIGHT

A Year at Gampo Abbey Arrival and Adjustment article by Emma Cataford, Shambhala Times Correspondant and Loden Nyima, Gampo Abbey Monastic On October 2nd, a new group of practitioners joined the community at Gampo Abbey for a one year training program in the Shambhala Monastic Order. Ten people, ... continue
Posted December 7, 2014 by

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