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A Garden of Roses for Our Princess

A Garden of Roses for Our Princess – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta, for the column Tracking Jewels. As soon as I sat down beside a lake to write about our new Princess, I heard a father call out. “Do you want to go see the rose garden?” I looked over to witness a four year old ... continue
Posted August 18, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Never Give Up, even when…

Never Give Up, even when… – HIGHLIGHT

[caption id=”attachment_19718″ align=”alignright” width=”300″ >Tracking Jewels. Photographs courtesy of Mauricio Londondo. When I feel abandoned, I like to imagine a world –- and a sangha — in which we never give up on anyone. I guess that in Buddhism there is not such a thing as ... continue
Posted August 1, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
All Gifts Are Bittersweet in the End

All Gifts Are Bittersweet in the End – HIGHLIGHT

[caption id=”attachment_19574″ align=”alignright” width=”300″ >Tracking Jewels Stepping outside after the Great Mandala Offering, a mantra I was whispering was interrupted by shock as a high-altitude sun blazed 98 degrees straight into my pores. But the pleasures of Boulder soon took over as I wandered in the ... continue
Posted July 20, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
A Story: Little Girl Wishes

A Story: Little Girl Wishes – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta Part of the ongoing blog kept by Jennifer Holder, titled Tracking Jewels. The exact date of this composition is unknown. ~ ^ ~ I bought this leather-bound journal this winter to honor many things: the significance of this moment in my life as choice ... continue
Posted June 12, 2010 by Jennifer Holder

The Stupid Might of Materialism – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta, on the eve of the opening of the movie Avatar. I sometimes dream of what it is like to live in a dead world. A world populated by ghosts living out their lives in human form. Where objects are solid and devoid ... continue
Posted December 19, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Taking Our Seats

Taking Our Seats – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta, on-the-scene blogger in Halifax It is fascinating to experience the full richness of Shambhala. The Vidyadhara once described the physical environment of Shambhala as dripping with gold and jewels, and being here for this week of celebration is actually an experience of this. ... continue
Posted November 11, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Our Sakyong's Heart

Our Sakyong’s Heart – HIGHLIGHT

Yes, cybermandala, I am awake and writing at 4:15am. The city is dark and the only ones up and about in the lobby are the kasung, preparing for the arrival of His Eminence. I will be brief, but as many of you rouse yourselves at ... continue
Posted November 10, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Dawning Delegates

Dawning Delegates – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta, on-the-scene blogger in Halifax On my second trip to the lobby this morning, I encountered the delegates from Gampo Abbey. I have always thought of my pre-dawn waking habits as weird, or unconventional, but upon encountering cheerful faces and maroon robes at that ... continue
Posted November 9, 2009 by Jennifer Holder

Dreaming Shambhala – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta, on-the-scene blogger in Halifax I awoke this morning contemplating dreams. The ones I had awaken from, the ones I live, the ones that guide my life and my choices. Dreams are like navigating with an internal compass – the little piece of metal ... continue
Posted November 8, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Good Morning Halifax!

Good Morning Halifax! – HIGHLIGHT

Early Morning, November 7, 2009 By Lois Lungta, on-the-scene blogger The first thing I did this morning was an act of economic treason. Well, according to my country of birth it may be considered patriotism, but since I consider myself a citizen of a global community of ... continue
Posted November 7, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Let's Make the Sakyong Beam

Let’s Make the Sakyong Beam – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta On Sunday, the New York Shambhala Center was bursting at the seams, as usual, with Shambhala Training levels, gateway programs, and vajrayana practice sessions. But somehow we managed to reserve the main shrine room for a very important event–the recitation of mantras to ... continue
Posted October 26, 2009 by Jennifer Holder

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