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Mar 12
Dharma Teachings
The Birthday Sadhana

On my birthday a few weeks ago I had the annual profound experience of waking up
in the morning and doing the simple practice known generally as “The Birthday
Sadhana”. This is the same basic practice we do as a group on Shambhala Day as
“Elixir of Life”. Each time I do this practice, I find it both profound and

In telling people about my experience I have discovered that many many people in
the sangha do not know of this practice. It was written by the Sakyong and is
something that everyone can do. No special permission is needed. The practice
combines simple ritual with a short series of contemplations about one’s life
and motivation, and is a wonderfully elegant way to enter another year on this
earth by taking a few moments to contemplate the preciousness of your birth, the
inevitability of your aging, and your inner priorities and helps to establish
them as a keynote for your engagement with the world.

Ordinarily the Sadhana comes in blue or red so that it can also act as a
reminder of your gender in case you are forgetful, but the Shambhala Shop seems
to be out of the blue covers, so for some of you it will have to act as a
reminder of the gender you are not.

You can order them through Shambhala Shop. I haven’t checked with other outlets such
as Samadhi or Ziji, but they might also offer it.

This year, please have a wonderful birthday.
Eric Spiegel

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