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Advertising with the Shambhala Times

Join the Shambhala Times now!

Reach the Shambhala sangha and beyond by advertising on our Community News Magazine: Shambhala Times. Our website is the gathering place for our community and those interested in our offerings to exchange ideas, inspiration, stories, videos and more. We have a team of active editors sourcing teachings by Acharyas, videos of Rinpoche, and a large variety of articles from around the world. In addition to that, all of the centers in North America and Europe have blogs on their website which feed into the Shambhala Times on their regional news pages. News is fresh and our community voice is rising!

Key Advantages to Advertising with the Shambhala Times

*Over 1700 views per day, and increasing!

*Ads are monthly recurring and can be canceled anytime.

*We do not require a contract, but request a 3 consecutive month, minimum.

*We accept all major credit cards for ease of payment.

*Our price points are much less than other similar online magazines, and a fraction of the cost of print ads.

How it Works:

You can send us your ready made ad that will be placed in a rotating box, prominently visible on each page of the Times, throughout the day. Please send a .jpg or .gif file in 250 pixels x 250 pixels directly to:[email protected]

We can help to resize/layout your logo if need be for a small fee.

Please email [email protected] for information on how to pay for these ads


Choose Your Tier:



What to Do?

Shambhala Times-Small Business Ad
1-3 ads
Shambhala Times-Small Business Ad Yearly
$540/ year
1-3 ads
Retail/ Retreat Center Ad
4-6 ads
Dharma Retail/ Retreat Center Ad Yearly
4-6 ads
Multi-tiered Organization Ad
6-8 ads
Multi-tiered Organization Ad Yearly
6-8 ads
Desktop Publishing
Ad Creation/ Resizing

Advertising Contact Information

Contact us with any further questions, or after you have signed up to get started-

[email protected]

Thank you for supporting the Shambhala Times!

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