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Jul 03
Dharma Teachings, Sakyong and Family
Becoming Fearless Now

Shadows photo courtesy of Maxine Sidran

Shadows photo courtesy of Maxine Sidran

By Sakyong Mipham

In the economic hardship the world is now suffering, it is possible for us to spin out and become very dualistic. When we are not sure what is going on, we react in fear and start labeling things black and white, good or bad, doomed to fail or destined to succeed. The process of labeling something because we are not sure what it is further increases the illusion of duality. Dualistic mind creates an aggressive scenario because we project a self and “other.” This process becomes a cycle: the heavier the dualism, the heavier the fear.

Egolessness, or practicing now, frees us from that cycle. But when fear has taken over and we can’t control the negative emotions that arise, the internal freedom that comes from egolessness is beyond our means. Instead we become fixated. We are living in the memory of the past or the fantasy of the future. We are stuck, unable to see the fluid truth of now.

At the heart of the dharma, we know that the world is fluid.

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