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May 20
Mandala Projects
Desung Corner: What’s a Desung and What Do They Do?

By Harry Tate, Kado
Drala Region Desung Commander

As an integral part of this blossoming society of fearless warriors, the Desung (an arm of the Dorje Kasung) focus on issues related to community building and the creation of an enlightened society. Desung (a Tibetan word) means “protector of bliss or harmony.” Therefore, Desung work with obstacles to harmony within the Shambhala community, including conflictual situations or those in which people are experiencing illness or other challenging life events.

As members of the Dorje Kasung, Desung have received unique training and practices in working with non-aggressive action, on the spot. Desung have also received further training in skillful communication and how to bring awareness to difficult situations so they are not left unattended. Thus they bring a unique view and skill-set to the community.

Commander Tate invites your comments and suggestions. Email [email protected].

If you would like to know more about the Desung Path,
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