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May 21
Mandala Projects
Community Care Network

Want to include your children more fully as part of your Shambhala Household? Here are some great ideas for kids ages two to twenty! Children in a Shambhala Household

Great News! – Many Shambhala Centers Have Become Handicapped Accessible – Find out How They Did It! Click here: Handicap Accessibility in Shambhala Centers

Isms! How can examining “isms” (racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, classism, able-bodied-ism) form a ground for going beyond bias and creating enlightened society? Click here for more:  Diversity Awareness in Shambhala

Group Forming to Explore Aging in Shambhala: Young and Old Invited to Participate! Click here for more info: Network on Aging



Your comments, questions, ideas and participation are SO important to the Shambhala Community! If you are especially interested in one or more aspects of community, PLEASE email the corresponding Sakyong’s Council Working Group Chairperson(s). They want and need to hear from you!

Care of the Aging, Dave Whitehorn, [email protected]

Children and Families, Susan Williams, [email protected]

Disability and Accessibility, Hamish Maclaren, [email protected]

Diversity, Charlene Leung, [email protected]

Governance as Path, Amy Conway, [email protected]

Mandala Structure and Governance, Joe Inskeep, [email protected]

Touching the Earth, Jessyca Goldstein, [email protected]

All other community-related ideas and comments could go to Mary Whetsell, overall Chairperson for Community Care on the Sakyong’s Council: [email protected]

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