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Jun 25
Mandala Projects
New Shambhala Trust Grants
Karme Choling Web Casting Upgrade

Karme Choling Web Casting Upgrade

In thriving Durham, North Carolina, the Shambhala Center is purchasing the building that it has rented for 10 years. At vibrant Karme Choling, the teachings that resonate from its glorious shrine room can now be webcast across the mandala. And in a humming virtual space linked to the Shambhala website, a community forum and other social networking tools will soon enrich our online experience. Each of these projects broadens access to the Shambhala teachings and deepens the practice and study of Shambhala students. And each has received a grant from the Shambhala Trust.

The Trust is a group of donors who explore the practice of generosity as path. In meetings twice a year, Trust members review proposal requests from across the mandala and rouse group wisdom and compassion to inspire giving. Since 1995 the Trust has contributed more than $2.5 million in grants to nearly 100 projects.

The Trust invites all who can extend their generosity beyond their local and international Shambhala commitments to join us in the joyful practice of generosity.

There are several ways to participate: as a full member, as an associate member, or as a spontaneously inspired guest. Full members donate their time and money, attending the meetings, reviewing the proposals, and working with applicants throughout the life of a project. Associate members are invited to review proposals and attend meetings as they have time; they are asked to contribute $2,000 annually. Spontaneous acts of generosity are possible on the Shambhala Trust website, where anyone can contribute to projects that are being funded by the Trust:

Durham, North Carolina | Karme Choling | New Online Community for Shambhala

Please visit www.shambhalatrust.org to learn more about the Shambhala Trust and projects funded over the years. Or feel warmly welcome to contact Zeb Zuckerberg, Trust Administrator at [email protected] or 303-514-5824.

Durham Renovation Project

Durham Renovation Project

Newly Funded Projects for 2009

Barrier-Free Access in Durham Renovation

The Durham Shambhala Center recently purchased a building they have been renting for ten years, and the Trust grant is helping to create barrier-free access during the renovation. Read more.

Web-Casting Upgrade for Karme Choling

Karme Choling is becoming the main producer of Shambhala Online events, and the Trust grant will help upgrade their web-casting production facilities. Read more.

New Online Community

New Online Community

New Online Community for Shambhala

A new online hub for Shambhalians to communicate in a range of community forums, including a revamp of the current webby mail system, the creation of a community board to post notices, and a host of social networking tools. Funded in conjunction with the Communications and Technology Steering Committee. Read more.

Members of the Shambhala Trust

Shambhala Trust Members not represented:

Richard Bascetta, Jane Bishop, Robert Schaffer, Alan Schwartz, Neal Greenberg, Maggie Granelli, and Jerry Colonna.

Shambhala Trust Officers:

John Sennhauser, Trust Chair
Deborah Garrett, Trust Co-Chair
Zeb Zuckerberg, Trust Administrator
Nealy Zimmerman, Trust Bookkeeper

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