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Jul 22
Arts and Poetry
Medicine Buddha Aspirations

Photo courtesy of Leonie Beljaars

Photo courtesy of Leonie Beljaars

By Timothy Walker

Just before and during the closing feast for Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s Medicine Buddha Retreat, I wrote the following poem of praise to the Medicine Buddha and read it aloud to the assembly. I share it here in this spirit of healing whatever needs to be healed.

Medicine Buddha Aspirations

Om, Sangye Menla
Your empty blue body
Shining with the wisdom light
Of ten thousand Suns
And the soft compassionate glow
Of a million moons
Is the radiant quintessence
Of all Universal Healing energy

Chanting your mantra
This ego melts away and
We join in Sambogakaya,
Body of bliss awakens
Energy of compassionate speech
Fills the whole of space

Hum, your heart essence
Awakens the dance of spinning syllables
Gaily bursting into fire works
Of love, healing and wisdom.
My heart and your heart
Are joined in a joyful celebration.

From this practice and aspiration
The brilliant blue light of healing
Spills out from your form and mine
Like a great waterfall
Of healing blessings

From the infinite space of infinite universes
All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Along with the Rishis and all wise compassionate healers
Smile and joyfully add their blessings
Menla, palace and mandala glow and shine.

The fresh cleansing rain of light
Pours through my body
Awakening the primordially pure
State of natural health
In every cell
In every thought
In every word
And every action

Fresh blue energy flows
And sparkles in the channels,
Conflicting emotions dissolve back
Into their Original Purity and Goodness.

Just as the bumble bee
buzzes and bumps
Up against the window
Over and over
So do billions and billions
Of beings bump
Up against the mirror
Of their own projections
Seeking a way to be happy
And to end their suffering.
Yet their blind efforts only create
More and more suffering.

Photo courtesy of Joey Johannsen

Photo courtesy of Joey Johannsen

Menla, your rain of blue light
Falls everywhere upon them
Penetrating deep, into the core
Of their confusion
Dissolving the very root of self clinging
And melting away the structure
Of wrong views.
Duality is resolved
Into its non-dual nature
And the pure goodness of the world
Shines forth, just as it is.

Those children, sick, sad and abandoned
Feel the love of a kind mother
Now, glowing, even in their bones.

Those angry, unhappy people, depressed and bitter,
Feel the rain of healing light
Soften their projections like water on a mirror
Washing concepts away, until
The primordial mirror shines
Both from within and from without
As the indestructible diamond light of pacifying purity.

Those poor beings caught in the cycle of addiction
Chasing their own tails of illusory bliss
And spinning into the hell realm of grasping,
Feel the cool light of non-attachment
Dripping into their hearts
And let go,
Feeling their dignity return.

Those with Cancer, AIDS,
Asthma, Alzheimer’s, Mental illness,
Those with broken bones and broken hearts,
Distracted minds, and those caught
Like ghosts in past traumas,
Your healing blue light slowly
Fills them, awakening within
Self-existing goodness, joy and inner light
Untangling the causes and conditions of disease,
Pain and suffering, reversing the tangles,
Just as they were tangled.
Peaceful blue healing light opens a space, a loosening
So the energy in the illness itself
Becomes the energy of the cure.

Photo courtesy of Joey Johannsen

Photo courtesy of Joey Johannsen

Your blue light also falls
On the cities of the setting sun
Into the streets choked with fumes,
The polluted rivers, the dead soil.
Healing and transforming
The zombie mall-walkers
And video-game players
Awakening the dance of original intelligence
And the powerful play of Windhorse
To revive the tradition of the Great Eastern Sun.

By the merit of this practice may all beings be freed
From sickness and may all the sickness of beings
Never arise again.

Lodro Chonyi
May 26, 2009

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