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May 18
Arts and Poetry
Sweet Children Of Tibet
Children in Jyekundo, photo by Kontargyal

Children in Jyekundo, photo by Kontargyal

Sweet Children Of Tibet (Goodnight)
By Andrée Stolte

Sweet children of Tibet, goodnight
sleep lovely dear little ones
as white feathered wing sweeps over your exquisite dusty faces,
silent eyes

Gently touching your precious foot
dressed only in sock, dangling
then stroking lovely ashen mangled hair
and covering bare tummy
holding ever so softly, petit hand empty of doll or parent
reaching from the ruble
care not how Mothers red fluid sea stains your clothes
She has called you for her very own

Children playing outside makeshift tents, photo by Kontargyal

Children playing outside makeshift tents, photo by Kontargyal

I melt my form and place it in your tiny hand
and this heart
I have fallen before you, battered
Child angel
to catch you, cradle you
caress your precious soul
my only bliss to carry you

And I’ll tell your mommy that you are safe
and always were
fear not as you peer from the black velvet sky
your earth is new now
ablaze with primordial peace
kiss me goodnight and whisper to the wind
sweet dreams
and in the morning I shall take you to my playground

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  1. Beautifully written and touching

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