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Surmang Shedra Swamped with Children

Surmang Shedra Swamped with Children – HIGHLIGHT

By Lyndon Comstock The newly-opened Surmang shedra has been swamped with children wanting to come to school. In an unexpected wave, hundreds of families have started bringing their children every day. The plan was to initially provide facilities for 100 children. At the moment, 350 children ... continue
Posted February 5, 2011 by
NYC Children Send Gift Packages to Surmang

NYC Children Send Gift Packages to Surmang – HIGHLIGHT

By Anne Kenan Last October President Reoch sent out an email to the Shambhala community sharing a photo and video taken on the first day of school at Surmang Shedra. The group photo showed one hundred some-odd children–from toddlers to teens–with arms raised in cheer and faces ... continue
Posted February 3, 2011 by
Visualizing Sopa Choling

Visualizing Sopa Choling – HIGHLIGHT

This is the fifth and final article in a series on Sopa Choling and the three-year retreat experience. In this photographic essay, Laura Kaufman has selected images that celebrate Sopa Choling and highlight the place, with its changing moods throughout the seasons, and some of the ... continue
Posted February 1, 2011 by

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