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Aug 19
Dharma Teachings, Sakyong and Family
Moving with the Mind of Meditation

Have you heard? The Sakyong, Mipham Rinpoche, has written a book on running and meditation. The forthcoming book is entitled: “Running with the Mind of Meditation.” The publisher, Crown Doubleday, has expressed real excitement about the book, and given a definite commitment to get it on the market. The book is scheduled to come out in Spring 2012.

Planning is now beginning so that Shambhala Centers will be ready to host newcomers who read the book and become inspired about meditation. This book has the potential to bring many newcomers to Shambhala and introduce many people to the Sakyong.

For a sneak preview of the teachings that will be coming with this book, enjoy the following video posted this month on the Sakyong’s website.


Stay tuned for more about “Running with the Mind of Meditation”!

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1 response to “ Moving with the Mind of Meditation ”
  1. Dearest Sir,
    I am an earth protector in Toronto. I am in my 6th decade. I take your idea about community service quite seriously as my spouse would put it. We have been gathering our energy together for now maybe 27 years.
    I so love you; your queen and as you put it, our child, your daughter … I am simply writing as I will do a 5k marathon walk/run for the Toronto sick kid’s foundation on September 17th.
    You are shining so brilliantly with your laughter, smile of delight and quiet words of your father from your throne. It gives me heart as he is my root teacher. I am joyous and will take these vows at the festival. We can do this together throughout the Universe… my own father will turn 90 on February 14th.
    Well, Sigh.
    Please keep safe.
    The Toronto squad sends their love along with this note… … …
    Yours in the joyful delight of the possibility of possibilities
    … … ….. … ……………………
    Let us rouse wind horse together for kalpas

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