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Feb 27
Dharma Teachings, Sakyong and Family
Shambhala Day Guided Meditation

This guided meditation by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche was offered to the Shambhala community on Shambhala Day, following the address given by the Sakyong Wangmo.

Those of you who are sitting on cushions, and those of you who are on chairs, please take a good posture. Especially at the beginning of the year, try to raise good lungta. Posture is important. There is posture of the body and posture of life — they are connected. Guided meditation is the opportunity to relax and focus on themes that are important. Allowing yourself to do that incubates, focuses, and enhances a theme. We have a direct experience of it and then there are many subsidiary effects. It affects our heart and our mind, physically and mentally. No matter where we are in life — especially if we have great challenges or if there is a lot of expectation — it is important to let ourselves touch and feel how we feel. At this moment, let us individually and communally allow ourselves to feel basically good. [Sakyong breathes out forcefully] Just relax. Let go of the stress, thoughts, and feelings.

Somewhere there is this person wanting to live and communicate. Essentially, we think we are like rock, but really we are like gold. Mixed in with this are thoughts, self-consciousness, or doubt. By relaxing, we are creating a culture of nonaggression. We are not fighting with ourselves, and we are not blaming others. In that moment, there is peace, harmony, and strength. It is really allowing us to just be here. What makes us powerful is believing and trusting in the human spirit. Naturally, when this occurs, we are kinder, more intelligent, generous, and strong. If there are challenges, then we are better prepared for them.

Basic goodness. We can all say it once. [Everyone repeats: basic goodness] Now let’s say it like we mean it [laughter], with love. Okay? [Everyone repeats: basic goodness] That was a lot better. And that’s courage. Within that, make your aspiration for this upcoming year. Conclude with a bow.

Thank you, everyone — and a very cheerful Shambhala Day. Lots of love, and I hope you have a meaningful year. I look forward to seeing you at the various programs and teachings throughout this year. Please enjoy the rest of your day. For those of you who are online in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and even some now in Africa, much love, and many many New Year greetings to everyone. I look forward to seeing you. Please watch this again at all the various centers. Those of you who will be watching it this coming weekend, please enjoy that time together. Many of you I will be addressing in March when we have the Shambhala Sadhana weekend. So I will see you then. Bye-bye!

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