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Feb 27
Sakyong and Family
Sakyong Wangmo Offers Shambhala Day Address, 2012

Sakyong Wangmo, photo by Helen Vink

The Sakyong Wangmo

Good morning and tashi deleg. Cheerful Shambhala Day to everyone. Can we say that? Tashi deleg and cheerful Shambhala Day! [Everyone repeats enthusiastically] [laughs] That was good. Loud is how we need to say it today. I am very happy to be addressing everyone from Halifax, where I have been able to spend some time with my family, Jetsun Drukmo and my husband, whom I assume you all know. [Laughter]

The feeling of family and community is very important to me. I grew up in a very big family and I learned that being with family is kindness, love, and care for each other. Family can be very challenging, and, at the same time, very rewarding. This feeling of family, community, and society is something that the Sakyong has been teaching. These teachings — in particular, the teachings on enlightened society — have inspired me personally.

I have been trying to bring these teachings into the home. I know they are important to everyone. I know how beneficial they have been, and I can see how our community is changing. How we bring the Shambhala teachings into our home and daily living is how we mix vision and practice. Please join me in the New Year as we try to feel our basic goodness, bringing enlightened society into our home and into the world. May the New Year bring prosperity, peace, and happiness to our community and to all beings. Please enjoy the Shambhala Day week. I know that we do not end this morning, so please enjoy. I know there are deleg gatherings, and that is something people were quite excited about.

I wish you all a cheerful Shambhala Day again and KI KI SO SO!

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1 response to “ Sakyong Wangmo Offers Shambhala Day Address, 2012 ”
  1. Jeanne-Marie
    Mar 1, 2012

    Thank You very much Sakyong Wangmo!
    Tashi Deleg and happy New Year for You, Your family and the whole Shambhala Community!

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