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Jul 27
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A Shambhala moment – updated

I was recently asked to give a little talk about Social Transformation. It was on the last day of the recent Shambhala Retreat that took place in Boulder, led by the Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche, and Acharya Adam Lobel. I was introduced as someone who had spent his life working for human rights, the protection of the rainforests, and peace. This photo was taken at the height of the war in Sri Lanka where I was helping efforts to try to bring the devastating conflict to a peaceful conclusion. When I spoke briefly in Boulder, I shared what it’s like to be stretched between such lofty aspirations and the daily reality of failure — and the relevance of meditation to that kind of pain.

Many people have asked to listen to my short remarks. Here they are. Please click on the little icon immediately below (not the words underneath that). The sound starts 19 seconds into the recording:

07.06.12 Sangha Retreatl RReoch


I was delighted to get a wonderful message from Shastri Chuck Whetsell after I posted my little talk. He said he appreciated the observation that whether we are addressing the horrors of warfare and environmental destruction, the smaller interpersonal violence of disrespect, or the self-directed dissatisfaction with who we are, the essential mechanisms are the same. He kindly send me very helpful notes from a gathering of teachers in Atlanta, where they talked about exactly the same thing. They offer a very helpful approach to opening up this topic in our local communities. The notes are posted on the Shambhala Network for the members of the Mandala Council (on which all centres and groups have a seat). You can also read them here. Thank you, Chuck!

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