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Nov 26
Arts and Poetry
Rites of Passage: Longing

Grand Tetons by David Brown

poem written by the group that went through the first Rites of Passage for the stages of life, held at Karme Choling, autumn 2012

Broken hearted kiss
Embracing the planet
It’s good to grow old

Soft green blade of grass
Drops of dew
Tomorrow there will be frost

Grieving adolescent winds
Lost but landed
Tomorrow a wonderful question-mark

The trees know
Just how much to grow to be beautiful
Even as they are dying

A smile is always youthful
We can’t help but smile when are together
Thus we discover youth as we grow old together

Big sky
Falling rain
It’s good to be alive

Lions roar
Warriors gather

I saw the flowers dying in the fields
Suddenly the white wing of a chickadee
Gathering seeds to nurture itself for the flight home

Open heart and mind
Passion grows
As we are learning

Implacable mountain
Soft heart
A door opens

We are the precious ones
Neither beginning nor end
Love never dies

Moist crisp air
Breathed deeply
Longing for you

Smell of autumn
Scent of transition
I am home

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