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Mar 02
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Welcome, Year of the Wood Horse

2014 wood horse calligraphyCheerful Shambhala Day from the Shambhala Times!!

“The Horse has abundant energy and a lively mind,” says Philippe Cornu in Tibetan Astrology. He further says, “Wood corresponds to awakening, to morning, spring, and the direction East.”

It looks like we’re heading into a year of fresh energy. Welcome, year of the Wood Horse!

To bring you further readings on this coming year, we turn now to two Shambhala community members. One is a horse-person, the other an astrologer.

“Be not afraid of fear,” says Adam Edwards. Let’s explore the horse for modern times.

When the Native Americans first saw the horse they were terrified. Through exposure and nurturing that relationship, the horse went from being the object of fear, to the subject of utility. It wasn’t long until the horse was of great spiritual importance. This too is the path that we are on in the year of the wood horse.

the horsesThe horse has an almost magical quality to it. It is a symbol of freedom and nature, but oddly we fear it for more than just their size. We fear, because they can, with clarity, see our minds. All of our insecurities and habitual patterns that we have blanketed from our self, the horse sees. That is what scares us, but is actually the key to success. The way to work with the horse is to be the best person we are, as we also admit our weaknesses. Vulnerability is the doorway to getting a true respect from the horse, and the basis of a true relationship, will result in growth. The horse, not being capable of passion aggression or ignorance, is an impeccable teacher and guide, and able to mirror the true nature of the world and self. Every day we work with the horses we practice. Much like going back to the breath, we can practice honesty by going back to the horse.

Adam EdwardsIn the year of the Wood Horse, after two years of water element, is exactly the time to grow into our greater selves. We can move beyond the kleshas just a little bit more, and fear a little less. The horse, in the year of the Wood Horse is such an auspicious vehicle for that learning. I challenge you in the next week or so when you are driving by a pasture that has a horse in it, to stop, get out of your car and say “Hi,” and genuinely tell them about your day and see what happens when you open your heart. It too will be of great spiritual importance.

Adam Edwards is Director of Development of the Spanish Mustang Foundation, and is a Shambhala practitioner. He lives on the Little Cayuse Spanish Mustang Preserve near Cedarvale New Mexico. He can be reached at: [email protected]

Horse thangkaAn Astrological Take on Year of The Male Wood Horse
by Erik Blagsvedt

Contemplating these symbols for yourself could bring much benefit. The Horse is strong, fast, can leap over fences, can even dance such as dressage. Wood is earthy, sometimes fuel, sometimes incense, sometimes growing, sometimes rotting, but very rich. It is a Male Horse this time. Perhaps a stallion. Be a stallion!

Moving into action within the earthy areas of your life. We might see a lot of businesses start up this year. If you’ve had a business idea for a while and that itch just got stronger take steps toward realizing it. Each step you take will give you feedback as to whether to move forward or not.

Not starting a business? Maybe you are seeing a way to expand your current career. Perhaps you just got your degree and after a period of relaxation you will go on an interview spree. Or, maybe you’re one of the people that will need to contract in some are of your life first before you can see where the expansion will naturally occur. There are many possibilities related to simplifying certain areas while expanding others.

This is a year when we can take action. Decisiveness will be key. It’s not taking action on every whim that arises but more like finally realizing how to move forward on those things that have been lingering for the past couple of years.

We could think of the Horse nibbling on fresh grass and drinking from a mountain stream for the last couple years and now it is rested, strong, and ready to run toward the goal. Any analogy to Windhorse will probably work here.

If you have any doubt about moving ahead with a project or relationship now is not the time to run toward it. That project will need more contemplation, maybe a different year. This year is about making the decision. Yes or no. And moving forward.

Whatever you start this year may not be completed but you will have thoroughly thrown yourself into it and seen for yourself is it a “go” or a “no go?”

Watch out for over-spending, over-indulging. If these begin to happen, it’s okay, re-focus and apply discipline, the kind that leads to true joy.

Erik Blagsvedt

Erik Blagsvedt

Erik Blagsvedt began meditating in the Shambhala community 1999. He graduated from Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary in 2004 and is a continuing student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He has been practicing astrology since 2001 and is also a musician and writer. Erik has led weekly meditation/book study groups as well as Introduction to meditation classes for several years. He lives with his wife and son near Minneapolis, MN. See more here: erikblagsvedt.tumblr.com

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2 responses to “ Welcome, Year of the Wood Horse ”
  1. Julia Foster
    Mar 18, 2014

    I never think of horses, but have been thinking about them all the time! I need forward movement, so this may be exactly the year for it. Good article!

  2. Be a stallion!

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