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Mar 30
Community Articles, covid-19
Letter from the Druk Sakyong Wangmo

Office of the Druk Sakyong Wangmo

Dearest Community Members,

During this unprecedented time of difficulty, I have been thinking about all of you and wanted to reach out. I know that we are all struggling, in many different ways. Within my own family, I see that everyone has a role to play, and I know this is true for each of us.

Even though we can’t actually be with one another right now, we can still feel the precious sense of community that we share. I hope this will give us strength at a time when we may be isolated. We can see ourselves as part of a very large extended family that needs to take care of one another.

We have had many obstacles within the Shambhala community in the last two years, and now we have this enormous challenge, which we share with everyone in the world. I know that our city and land centers are struggling and that we face great and grave individual challenges. I send heartfelt wishes to all in working with these difficult situations.

Please stay safe. I hope that you will also remain cheerful in the face of this great adversity. The Vidyadhara always said that he thought that “cheerful” was a much better word than “happy” to describe a positive state of mind. More than ever, that makes sense to me.

Saturday, April 4th, is the 33rd anniversary of Trungpa Rinpoche’s Parinirvana. So I wish you a cheerful Parinirvana and send my heartfelt love to all of you.

Yours in the genuine heart of sadness,

Lady Diana J. Mukpo
The Druk Sakyong Wangmo

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3 responses to “ Letter from the Druk Sakyong Wangmo ”
  1. Thank you, Lady Diana, for these kind, heartfelt words. This is my second reading of your post, the first which Paula sent out I tried to share with others who did not receive it. You are indeed the Druk Sakyong Wangmo, and both the earth and our sangha has had need of such encouraging words of maitri and compassion which are a powerful earth protection.

    Thanks to the Druk Sakyong, we know how to practice, we know how to retreat and turn this strange time into a precious time of practice, dharma study, and reaching out “virtually” to those struggling. We have been trained not to fixate on projections of when this virus will be over. We know that actually everything is always uncertain. And we know by our self-disciplined conduct, we can meet this challenge. As you said, we have been trained in unconditional good cheer, while feeling the beating heart of sadness.

    Wishing you an Unconditionally Cheerful Parinirvana Day with love and appreciation,
    Linda V. Lewis

  2. Gregory Bronswinkel
    Apr 1, 2020

    Dear Lady Diana,

    I hope this message finds you and your family well.
    Thank you kindly for reaching out and for sharing your heartfelt encouraging words.

    Though I have for many years now lived isolated from the Shambhala sangha here in Aruba, I never felt more connected to our very large extended family.

    Wishing you a most cheerful Parinirvana.
    With much love and appreciation.

    Gregory Bronswinkel

  3. „We have had many obstacles within the Shambhala community in the last two years, and now we have this enormous challenge, which we share with everyone in the world“
    ‚We‘ have lost the support of good people. The community has struggled with truth & faith. ‚Obstacles‘ seems an odd choice of words.

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