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Dec 30

Parenting as Path: Nurturing Confidence in Children

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Arthur with his kite

Arthur with his kite

By Chris Tamjidi, Beate Schlage and Sophie Maclaren for Buddhismus Aktuell

As buddhists we often wonder how we can bring up our children in a buddhist way, or at least help them become kind, wise and confident adults. And in today’s world, this can seem difficult; for some people, simply raising children may feel like a hassle – filled with all kinds of stresses and challenges that distract them from their life, or their spiritual path. Some may feel that children are an obstacle to being a buddhist; they demand a lot of time and attention, they prevent us from going on meditation retreats, and they provoke all kinds of irritation and aggression in us. Hardly conducive to spiritual practice, right?

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, founder of the Shambhala community, felt quite the opposite, however. He actively encouraged his students to get married and have children. Continue…

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