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Author: Alexandra Kalinine

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May 10

Setting up a Home Shrine

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zafu-home.shrine1COLUMN: Good Practice
by Sumner Bradley, long time employee at Samadhi Cushions

To begin with, if you don’t have a shrine, that’s fine. You want to have a space that’s clean, uncluttered, and uplifted. Having dirty socks or old magazines lying around is a distraction and a weight on the mind. It’s the visual equivalent of having the radio on while practicing. But I remember doing a weekthun at Shambhala Mountain Center in 1990 and there was no shrine. Where a shrine might have been was a flower arrangement.

In terms of cleaning, though, I should mention a trap I often fall into which is the thought that I can’t practice until I’ve cleaned. And then two hours later, I’ve done some great cleaning but am still circling the cushion. Your practice area should be clean, the bathroom can be done later. Continue…

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