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David Brown is the Executive Secretary to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and directs the Office of the Kalapa Court. David studied thangka painting with Noedup Rongae and received a Masters degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology at Naropa University. He was a Kusung to the Sakyong and Druk Sakyong and lived at Karme Choling, where he met his wife, Dinah. In 1986 they moved to Halifax to serve within the Kalapa Court. They have one daughter, Berkeley Brown, a jeweler. David's Shambhala name is Nyima Sangpo.

May 01

The Shambhala Monastic Order

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On behalf of the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, the Office of the Kalapa Court wishes to announce the formation of the Shambhala Monastic Order. This is the fruition of years of work by the Sakyong and Gampo Acharya Pema Chodron.

The Shambhala Monastic Order will provide the umbrella organization over Gampo Abbey and any future monasteries within Shambhala.

The Sakyong and Gampo Acharya Pema also wish to announce, within this new order, a pilot Shambhala monastic community to be formed in Halifax in 2014. Loden Nyima of Gampo Abbey, who has taken Getsul monastic ordination, will serve as the Coordinator of this small monastic community.

The discussions that the Sakyong and Ani Pema have had are a further reflection of the Sakyong’s 2006 “Memorial on the role of Gampo Abbey and the Monastic Tradition within the Kingdom of Shambhala” in which he stated:

“The monastic tradition is one of the living jewels of the Kingdom of Shambhala. The presence of the monastic community in Shambhala is an essential aspect of the protection and propagation of the glory of Shambhala. It is a source of cultivating great virtue for the entire mandala.”

The Sakyong will be working with Ani Pema, Gampo Abbey’s monastics and other acharyas, the new shastri in residence and its new director on the path of Shambhala monasticism in the coming year. This development will embrace the monastic practices and traditions to which the monastics of Gampo Abbey have already devoted themselves, and which will be preserved. What will now be developed are teachings, practices and skillful means that further enrich and infuse the monastic discipline with Shambhala vision and culture.

The Sakyong intends to provide teachings on Shambhala monastic culture, which is dear to his heart.

“The Shambhala Monastic Order provides a deep training ground of bravery by leaning into the world, not withdrawing. This path will be a noble pursuit, and those who wish to follow it should be welcomed and supported in this profound intention,”

he said.

The Council of Elders and the Leadership Council at Gampo Abbey wish to express their support and delight with these new developments and look forward to working with this vision.

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