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Jun 25

Teaching with Bravery: Meditation and Heart Advice for Teachers

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Christine Heming reviews the new book by Acharya Noel McLellan.

In the Introduction to Teaching with Bravery, Noel McLellan places his “Heart Advice” within the daunting realities of our time – “ecological crisis, social injustice, economic disparities, and political conflicts.” School is the “place where the forces of our culture gather and soak into the lives of our youth.”  It is where the young “grow up and are shaped into members of adult society.”  When education focuses on curriculum and measuring outcomes (i.e., standardized testing), it ignores the deep cultural patterning that is taking place, and does so at students’ and society’s peril.

It is often said that the future lies in the hands of our children and McLellan asks us to think about just what it is we choose to put in those hands.  Learning how to think is important, but it is not enough.  Students need to rediscover the wisdom in their bodies, in their hearts, and in their relationships to nature and each other.  This is what it means to teach with bravery.


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Islands of Sanity

Islands of Sanity – HIGHLIGHT

Christine Heming reviews Margaret Wheatley’s new book, Who Do We Choose to Be?   Who Do We Choose To Be by Margaret Wheatley “Is it possible to use our influence and power to create islands of sanity in the midst of a raging destructive sea.”   I was drawn to Margaret ... continue
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Book Review: Training in Tenderness

Book Review: Training in Tenderness – HIGHLIGHT

Training in Tenderness:  Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, The Radical Openness of Heart That Can Change the World By Dzigar Kongtrul Reviewed by Christine Heming “Just give me some tenderness beneath your honesty.” – Paul Simon Some weeks ago, I listened to the testimony of Mr. Michael Cohen before the US ... continue
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Reseña literaria: The way of tenderness (El camino de la ternura)

The way of tenderness: despertar a través de la raza, la sexualidad y el género Reseña de Christine Heming Como mujer blanca heterosexual a veces tengo la sensación de que relacionarme con la diversidad, particularmente la raza, la sexualidad y el género es como atravesar un campo de ... continue
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Book Review: The Way of Tenderness by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Book Review: The Way of Tenderness by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel – HIGHLIGHT

Este artículo ha sido traducido al español aqui.   The Way of Tenderness – Awakening Through Race, Sexuality, and Gender         By Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Review by Christine Heming As a heterosexual white woman I often feel that relating to diversity, particularly race, sexuality, and gender, is akin to walking ... continue
Posted February 24, 2019 by alexvangils

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