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May 25

Dechen Chöling Garden Team

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The four elements come together to generate energy and create beauty together in the garden

by Cash Clay

This summer sees the coming together of a great team of gardeners in the Ziji Garden. During the autumn and winter months of 2017 the foundations were laid and the team connected via Zoom, phone calls and messenger. Now, we are finally together in the phenomenal world of the garden and working as a phenomenal team!

So, who are we? Let’s drop convention and bypass traditional introduction style, replete with banal mini-biographies. Instead, let me introduce the harmony we bring to the garden and the team by introducing our elemental natures.

We arrive here as the four sensory qualities of solidity, fluidity, temperature and mobility. The garden team are the four elements, and are characterised as earth, water, fire, and air. Continue…

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Abastanza, a new release by Andrew Sweeny

Abastanza, a new release by Andrew Sweeny

After a couple of years of recording and mixing, Andrew has finally made available nearly ALL of his songs and albums – 108 titles.  The newest recordings are Ekstasis and Abastanza!   There are can all be downloaded in zip format for free continue
Posted March 31, 2009 by Jessica Sarapoff
Shambhala Rainbows: Gay in Shambhala

Shambhala Rainbows: Gay in Shambhala

In 1995 I was a 24-year old club kid working for a vintage clothing store called “Flashy Trash” in Boystown, Chicago. When, in the midst of some temper tantrum, the woman I worked with joked that I should learn how to meditate, that moment, triggered something ... continue
Posted March 18, 2009 by Zane Edwards
Two Shambhala Art Intensives in Europe

Two Shambhala Art Intensives in Europe

“In order to perform we have to relate to reality.  So to begin, we must have some training on how to relate to reality.  It’s not a matter of questionning the nature of reality, it’s learning about your style of relating to reality.” Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche continue
Posted February 23, 2009 by Jessica Sarapoff
Exhibition of Herb Elsky's Works

Exhibition of Herb Elsky’s Works

Sculptures in Resin (1970-1995) & “Infinity Boxes” (2002- 2004)   A mini retrospective spaning on 35 years  March 10 – April 12 Centre culturel Jean Gagnat; Limoges, France continue
Posted February 23, 2009 by Jessica Sarapoff
Rastro de Werma en Dechen Choling

Rastro de Werma en Dechen Choling

¡Hay que experimentar Dechen Choling en invierno para creer que realmente existe un sitio así! Hay que estar ahí, sintiendo la energía desnuda en este lugar bendito: los árboles majestuosos sin hojas, el estanque helado, el aire crujiente, el cielo azul con algunas nubes blancas y ... continue
Posted February 16, 2009 by Adrian_Bude

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