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Meditation Practice to Help You Through Dental Treatment

Meditation Practice to Help You Through Dental Treatment – HIGHLIGHT

By “Jackie Writing Jackie” Anxiety about dental treatment and fear of the dentist affects 16% of people. For many, it causes so much worry that they avoid going for a checkup, or getting work done when they really need to. In the long term, this can be bad for ... continue
Posted October 2, 2019 by archives-staff
Parenting as Path: Nurturing Confidence in Children

Parenting as Path: Nurturing Confidence in Children – HIGHLIGHT

Arthur with his kite By Chris Tamjidi, Beate Schlage and Sophie Maclaren for Buddhismus Aktuell As buddhists we often wonder how we can bring up our children in a buddhist way, or at least help them become kind, wise and confident adults. And in today’s world, this can ... continue
Posted December 30, 2018 by alexandra_kalinine
Family and Lineage

Family and Lineage – HIGHLIGHT

An interview by a Growing Brave Conference Planning committee member, talking with Harish Rao: parent, Los Angeles sangha member, and practitioner by Marcelle Gilkerson Marcelle: Let me start by asking, what drew you to Shambhala? Harish Rao: I have always had a fascination with Indian culture and Tibetan mysticism. Polytheism ... continue
Posted August 5, 2017 by CGH
Strong Ground for Growing Brave

Strong Ground for Growing Brave – HIGHLIGHT

An invitation to join in community conversations about parenting, and about including children in Shambhala life and culture by Rebekka Henriksen “We are actually building a Buddhist world so that our children can grow up in an atmosphere that is right and good. It’s revolutionary and represents a fantastic ... continue
Posted April 25, 2017 by CGH
From Whining to Sanity

From Whining to Sanity – HIGHLIGHT

Opal GrimesCOLUMN: Youth and Family A Day of Success, Bafflement and the Stillness In-Between by Heather Grimes, Boulder, CO All of the sanity that I’ve gathered over the years from yoga and meditation and dharma books and friendships all goes out the window the moment my five-year-old daughter ... continue
Posted December 17, 2014 by
Practicing with a Newborn

Practicing with a Newborn – HIGHLIGHT

By Rebekka Henriksen Surrendering to things as they are is one of our central aspirations as meditators on the path of awakening. Yet we often insist on clinging to our many agendas, resisting what is and creating suffering for ourselves and others. The birth of a ... continue
Posted June 4, 2010 by Rebekka_Henriksen
Bringing Peace Into Your Home With Family Meditation

Bringing Peace Into Your Home With Family Meditation – HIGHLIGHT

Happiness comes from slowing down and cultivating a peaceful place inside together as a family. A daily dose of meditation helps family members – Self-soothe and settle energy … and relieve anxiety Develop clarity … and prevent anger and resentment Increase empathy … and decrease “Me first” and “I want” Strengthen ... continue
Posted March 20, 2009 by Kerry Lee MacLean
Celebrating Small Moments

Celebrating Small Moments

Parenting in the twenty-first century is a challenge. We can no longer rely on the certainty of tradition, and our sense of family and our roles as mothers and fathers, men and women, are not prescribed as they once were. So how do we do this ... continue
Posted March 19, 2009 by
Making Space to Be Human: An Interview with Virginia Hilliker

Making Space to Be Human: An Interview with Virginia Hilliker – HIGHLIGHT

At ninety-four, Virginia Hilliker has more life in her than many of her middle-aged friends. As one of them, I often feel that I’m trailing behind her, trying to keep up with her wit and wisdom in a conversation. Virginia has been a teacher and a ... continue
Posted March 19, 2009 by
The Ngondro of Babyhood

The Ngondro of Babyhood

I conceived my son when I was deep into my ngondro practice. Although my aspiration to receive Rigden abhisheka in the coming months was derailed, I felt that I had received the ultimate blessing.  The ngondro for this abhisheka began after the transmission – through the ... continue
Posted February 20, 2009 by Rebekka_Henriksen

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