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Jun 24
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Tonglen for Iran
Vigil for Iran, photo courtesy of OCRegister

Vigil for Iran, photo courtesy of OCRegister

Tonglen Circling the World:

I suggest we create a tonglen network where people do 15 minutes of tonglen (or other prayers) generally for Iran and specifically our Iranian sangha and their friends and family, nightly at 8:00 pm wherever they are. This would create a moving sweep of tonglen around the world, in the same way the sunrise moves in a line around the globe continuously. Please pass this by word of mouth or email to friends in the sangha and beyond.

– Fionna Bright

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2 responses to “ Tonglen for Iran ”
  1. Thank you all for your tonglen practice. I had never appreciated these teachings as much as I have in the last few days. Today, as I feel so much fear for the safety of my loved ones, for the first time I connect with the Meta practice “May all beings be safe.” When we sat together last year and watched Pema’s teachings on “Practicing Peace in a Time of War,” I did not think that soon, we would ourselves have to make a decision about how to respond to violence. I am grateful to the teachings and to all of you for your support. May we all be safe.

  2. Dear Sangha world wide,

    Here I express my deep gratitude to anyone who would take part in this tonglen program.
    I’m sure it would be so beneficial for all Iranian in this hard condition and would help to ceate a new peaceful movement in Iran and all around our world!
    Special thanks to Fioona, Marc and Holly for their efforts.


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