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Weekly Videodhara

Weekly Videodhara – HIGHLIGHT

Infusing the Presence of Chogyam Trungpa into Your Curriculum Complied by Jennifer Holder, with Carolyn Rose Gimian, Gordon Kidd, and Denny Blouin contributing. The Videodhara By Denny Blouin Forget the mahasiddha for the west business: Just CTR in b & w and color, speaking. In your face, your brain, your blood Mainline direct, ... continue
Posted January 8, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Tea: A Mirror of the Soul

Tea: A Mirror of the Soul – HIGHLIGHT

From the column Shambhala at the Movies, by Angela Pressburger This week’s movie is TAN DUN: TEA – A MIRROR OF THE SOUL (English with Chinese, French, German, and Spanish subtitles. 2002, Japan/Germany, 120 min). Chinese composer Tan Dun has won many awards for his scores to the ... continue
Posted January 7, 2010 by
Confessions of a Householder

Confessions of a Householder – HIGHLIGHT

By Acharya Michael Greenleaf Let’s face it. A house is not Zen. I never really wanted a house. It was my wife’s idea. My ideal scenario was to live in a van. There are many advantages to a van. Maybe it’s a guy thing. For one, who ever heard ... continue
Posted January 6, 2010 by
Report from SunSpace: Should Tiger ditch Buddhism for Christianity?

Report from SunSpace: Should Tiger ditch Buddhism for Christianity?

Today has been a flurry on the Shambhala Sun’s blog, SunSpace. Scores of people have voiced opinion on Fox pundit Brit Hume’s recent remarks that only Christianity (not Buddhism) can save Tiger Woods. Come read and add your voice. continue
Posted January 4, 2010 by mollydeshong
Service & Shambhala Households

Service & Shambhala Households – HIGHLIGHT

By David Whitehorn Contemplating the Sakyong’s talk on Shambhala Households, I found myself thinking about the practice of service. Service is such an integral part of Shambhala that it is often taken for granted and not recognized as the profound practice that it can be. Hearing the ... continue
Posted January 4, 2010 by David Whitehorn
Children in a Shambhala Household

Children in a Shambhala Household – HIGHLIGHT

This article touches on the richness of mixing meditation practice and Shambhala culture with the complexities of family life. It is an area where everyone has valuable experience. Continuing to build on materials and resources on this topic is a vital part of exploring the culture ... continue
Posted January 3, 2010 by Susan Williams
Kitchen Shrine at Dorje Dzong

Kitchen Shrine at Dorje Dzong

Phyllis Segura offers recommendations for a kitchen shrine, inspired by our recent interview with Sangyum Wendy Friedman and Kusung Dapon Noel McLellan on Shambhala Households. Click on images to enlarge: The offerings here are a rice paddle and chopsticks. The shrine should also contain a rice offering ... continue
Posted January 2, 2010 by Phyllis Segura
Shambhala is 80% Atmosphere

Shambhala is 80% Atmosphere – HIGHLIGHT

By Angela Pressburger From the beginning, in all cultures, the hearth was the center of the household, the emblem of “home.” The glow of the hearth promised safety, warmth, food and welcome. When we have these, we can rejoice. Today, with all our appliances, gadgets and ... continue
Posted January 2, 2010 by
What is a Shambhala Household?

What is a Shambhala Household? – HIGHLIGHT

In conjunction with the Sakyong’s recent teaching and emphasis on Shambhala Household, we asked Wendy Friedman and Noel McLellan to share their thoughts on the topic. Sangyum Wendy Friedman is the newly appointed Director of the Office of Culture and Decorum. Kusung Dapon Noel McLellan is ... continue
Posted January 1, 2010 by

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