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Oct 13
Sakyong and Family
The Sakyong Shares His Delight

In a letter to the Shambhala Community, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche tells the story of Jetsun Drukmo’s birth and comments on the impact of her presence in all our lives. Photos courtesy of Sean Raggett.

At four in the morning, I was awakened by Dr. Levy. He said, “Rinpoche, it’s time.” The rates and intensity of Khandro-la’s contractions had increased, and our midwife, Kirsten Martin, felt it was time to go to the hospital. Excitedly and nervously, we all left the Kalapa Court and made our way to the IWK, the maternity hospital in Halifax. The hospital staff was incredibly accommodating and cooperative. They expressed that they were honored that we decided to have our child delivered in their hospital.

By six o’clock, the contractions became more strong. During this intensity, the birthing team really shone. Blessie Selvig, a nurse as well as a Kasung, had been supporting Khandro-la throughout this process; as well as Peter and Mary Goodman, who had been offering Khandro-la massage and osteopathy. Khandro-la’s mother, Chime Dokar, and sister, Semo Palmo, were providing companionship and emotional support.

Throughout the delivery, I was struck by the sheer power and emotionality of the birthing process; I did whatever I could to support my wife. Watching her handle the birth, my respect and admiration for Khandro-la grew tremendously. She was a true warrior. Finally, when Jetsun Drukmo was born, she came out and gave a big cry. It was 10:24 AM on August 11. Joy, tears, and laughter filled the room at that moment.

Photo Courtesy of Mipham J. Mukpo.

Photo Courtesy of Mipham J. Mukpo.

I asked Richard Reoch to announce to our community that Jetsun Drukmo had been born. I called Lady Konchok, Lady Diana, and other members of the family to notify them that all had gone well. The sheer delight this news brought our community and family members was very moving for me. It became obvious that this was not just our child, but the child of all Shambhala. The next day Khandro-la was well enough to be released from the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, Christoph Schonherr took our first official family photograph. People remarked later how healthy and radiant Khandro-la looked. They were struck by Jetsun Drukmo’s long fingers and full head of hair.

When we returned to the Kalapa Court to bring Jetsun Drukmo home for the first time, we were received by a group of sangha. It was their first glimpse of Jetsun Drukmo, and their first chance to see Khandro-la and myself as parents. A brief lhasang was conducted, as well as the warrior’s cry.

I am struck by how different the Kalapa Court feels with Jetsun Drukmo in it. It has brought a feeling of vitality, warmth, and expansiveness. The first few nights neither Khandro-la nor myself got much sleep, from being both excited and nervous. Khandro-la was a natural mother, but I was a very anxious father. Jetsun Drukmo was so small and so delicate, it took time to feel comfortable handling her. But then the tentativeness gave way to relaxation and sheer joy. After the initial period, I was able to hold her; and in fact, I have become quite a proficient burper.

Over the next several weeks, various family members came to visit. It was moving to see Lady Diana holding Jetsun Drukmo, and she was also able to pass on some parenting wisdom. Khandro-la’s father, Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, came and performed a purification and long-life blessing. Since he had known my father in Tibet, he knew he was holding the grandchild of both the Vidyadhara and himself, and that Jetsun Drukmo embodies all these lineages. One very memorable moment was when we skyped Lady Konchok, who was then able to see her grandchild for the first time.

Over the last two months, Jetsun Drukmo has grown and matured. Day by day we notice changes. It has been delightful to watch her discover her world. She has begun smiling and recognizing people. Khandro-la and I feel very blessed to have her in our life, and I can feel how she has brought warmth and delight to our community. I appreciate the love and support all of you have given, and I am delighted to share with you the birth of our Shambhala princess.

The Sakyong
6 October 2010

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24 responses to “ The Sakyong Shares His Delight ”
  1. Dear Rinpoche and Family,

    When I see pictures of Jetsun Drukmo at the Shambhala Center or on line, my heart fills with so much warmth and happiness that I can’t help gazing at the photo for a long, long time. Seeing you and your family is a wellspring of joy. Thank you so much. Susan

  2. Ani Lodrö Palmo
    Dec 5, 2010

    Rinpoche, each time I think of you and our little princess, I melt…
    My best wishes … Longue vie…santé…sagesse…and the power
    to help beings. Ani Lodrö

  3. Beauvais Jacqueline
    Oct 23, 2010

    Thank you to share with us as a member of the Mukpo family.Welcome to Jetsun Drukmo.With my best wishes.

  4. So Much Love! Wonderful to read all the comments … heart and open seem to go hand in hand … She is SO lovely and SO awake. Thank you so much for sharing such a private and sacred time with all of us ; I feel so lucky and moved by your words,Rinpoche . Blessings to all, Sara

  5. Thank You, Sir!

    Congratulations to the Triple Gem of you.

    She’s so fresh from infinite space; as we regard her image we can see that that’s where she looks out from.

    Ki ki, so so!

  6. Thank you Rinpoche for sharing this intimacy, it touches my heart.

    Love, Bart

  7. Dear Rinpoche,
    Much love and thank you for sharing this with us. Warmest wishes to Khandro-la, Detsun Drukmo and to you.

  8. Birth of a first child is the most transforming and magical event in a new parent’s life! Sweet kisses to the baby and blessings of triple gem to the Family. Peace, joy and abundance.

  9. Iektje van Bolhuis-Stephens
    Oct 16, 2010

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and moving letter. You and your beautiful family are constantly in our hearts and minds. We are so delighted and moved to share the wonderful experiences of parenthood with you. With deepest gratitude and constant wishes for your health and happiness,
    Matt, Iektje and Emma Stephens

  10. Rinpoche and Khandro Lha: My heart breaks open and I am speechless when I see the pictures of beautiful little Jetsun Drukmo. It’s like she has been born into my own family. Naturally, my wife Janet is very happy that she is a girl! Thank you for sharing these magic times with us. Our love goes out to you. Ki Ki So So!

  11. Kasung Peter Mohammed Langille
    Oct 15, 2010

    Your kasung at large in the world feel the joy and love both in your words and in the pictures of a King, his Queen and their Shambhala Princess daughter Jetsun Drukmo. Ki KI So So. Truly our hearts break together as we read and observe and we are grateful to you and your Royal family for sharing such precious moments with us, Rinpoche. Yours in the true command

  12. Much love to Jetsun Drukmo, the Sakyong Wangmo, and to you Rinpoche. Thank you for writing this so those of us in the far corners of Shambhala can share your joy. With deep devotion,

  13. Thank you for sharing your words and world with us Rinpoche! I feel blessed and joyful to read about the family and the princess who embodies all these lineages. The Ripa Sangha of course shares in this joy!
    Ki Ki So So! ~Douglas

  14. Mabinti Dennis
    Oct 14, 2010

    Thank you Rinpoche for this wonderful update on our Shambhala Princess Jetsun. She has very beautiful eyes and looks like she is ready to meet the world. I am happy for you and Khandro-la. If you ever need a good night sleep…… I’m a good baby sitter and I’m just a phone call away. With deep devotion, Love, longing to see you, and be in your presence.


  15. Thank you Rinpoche for sharing your experiences. The feelings of joy and tenderness are palpable in your words. Thank you to Khandro-la, to the lineage, to our teachers young and old, to wee Jetsun Drukmo. She’s so wide awake and perky!!

  16. rose sposito
    Oct 14, 2010

    Jetsun Drukmo seems is so beautiful and awake. Thank you Rimpoche. I’m great at putting babies to sleep if you ever need a baby sitter.

    Love, Rose

  17. I feel blessed by reading these love-drenched words and seeing the updated photos of the royal family.

    Thank you, Rinpoche for sharing this aspect of your life with all of us. I am sure that I am not alone in my longing to meet Jetsun Drukmo… Hope she travels with Mom and Dad to Colorado soon!

  18. Thank you for sharing some of the magic of this precious birth. We are so very fortunate.
    Much love to you, the Sakyong Wangmo, especially to the most adorable Jetsun Drukmo, and the exteneded Mukpo and Ripa families. She is our Shambhala princess! Ki Ki So So!

  19. May Jetsun Drukmo live long and benefit many beings as have her parents and grandparents, not to mention the rest of the lineage. May all continue to do so.
    She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the details of your first days, your majesties! with deep devotion and much love, Judy Bond

  20. What an auspicious birth for Jetsun Drukmo and for all of us – ki ki so so – she’s a beauty!

  21. I’m really happy for you! I’m touched by your shared story, thank you and congratulations!

  22. Thank you Rinpoche for sharing your life, Khandro-la and Jetsun Drukmo with us. Much love to you and the family. Ki Ki So So. Teri

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Rinpoche. It’s wonderful to have Jetsun Drukmo in our world.
    Much love to you, your beautiful princess, and our queen!
    Ki Ki So So!

  24. Quite possible the cutest baby ever! :-)

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