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Jan 17
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Song for Shambhala Level Three

The weekend of January 13 to 15 was the occasion of a delightful Shambhala Training Level Three in Fredericton. The twelve participants were taught and inspired by Director Craig Schneider and Assistant Director David Seabrook – in his first Level as an AD – while being supported by a seasoned staff ably led by first-time coordinator Steve Godkin. At the Sunday afternoon celebration, Lorna Drew led us in a new Shambhala song, which arose… during the gaps … on the weekend. It was sung – spiritedly – to the tune of “Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet”.

It’s time for celebrating
The whole world is waiting
For the warriors of Level Three
Look at our potential
We’re self-referential
We’re as dauntless as can be.

So there is no Buddha
Hey, what’s it to ya,
Our compassion is our guide.
Even though we’re groundless
Spaciousness surrounds us
We’re just moving with the tide.

Nothing formal
Our blood pressure is normal
The Shambhala banner is unfurled
In our calm abiding
There is no more hiding
Here we come so look out world!

From: Fredericton News Magazine

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