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Jun 01
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Gesar in Story and Song, part 2

King Gesar

Audio recording offered
by Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche
to the Shambhala community

When you tell the story of buddhas and bodhisattvas, there are many ways to tell them: outer, inner and secret biographies. In this case, we’re going to tell the outer biography of Gesar. He is the son of Singling and brother of Gyalshap, and he is the King of Ling. He was a warrior. He went to many small places, and another way to tell it he was the reincarnation of King Trisun Detsun. He is a combination of Manjushri, Vajrapani and Avalokiteshvara. He embodies the protector principal and is seen as the messenger of Padmasambhava. Gesar took on the same kind of activities, subduing the small kings who had control of their area and had bad situations. King Gesar found the treasures and gave the teachings to the people. He was a terton, and discovered sacred teachings.

He’s not a regular person, of course. Everything he does benefits all beings. He says, what I did, I didn’t do anything for myself, all my activities were for the benefit of others. In this way, he’s very powerful as a protector. There are many ways to invoke Gesar.

One story of Gesar I want to tell is about his mother. His mother was from the kingdom of the nagas, she was the daughter of Tsugna Rinchen, the king of the nagas. One time, there was a disease in the land of the lu and they needed to get rid of the disease, so they thought they should invite a powerful teacher. They invited Padmasambhava to come and he came and removed all the diseases from the naga realm. The King of the Nagas offered him a gift in return, and Padmasambhava said he needed his daughter to come to the human realm. And she was the mother of Gesar. Later, in Ling, there were three brothers. There was a big fight in Ling and Gesar’s mother became Singling’s wife…..click the file below to hear the rest of the story.

Gesar Story 2

To listen to the first recording, please click here.

Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk since he was 10. Wishing to study buddhism deeply, at 19, he moved to Southern India and entered the college at Namdroling Monastery. There he studied for 9 more years completing the equivalent of a Ph.D. In 2004, he was sent by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, to America to assist his dear friend Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. That year at Shambhala Mountain Center he met a student of buddhism who requested he consider moving to Memphis to establish a meditation center. After visiting several times, Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche moved to Memphis and created Pema Karpo Meditation Center.

Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche has written one book: The Sadhana of Shakyamuni Buddha, and is working on another to be published by Shambhala Publications. He teaches regularly in English and Tibetan, works with western translators translating Tibetan Buddhist texts and commentaries into English, and is active locally in creating bridges among different faiths and groups. Information on yearly programs and center activities can be found at: www.pemakarpo.org

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  1. Hello, thank you for posting those amazing stories. I was just disappointed to not be able to listen to it on iPhone or iPad, hopefully your audio media will accommodate those devices in the future.

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